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Communism: New and Improved for 21st Century

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This month, Gawker.com conducted an interview with John Bachtell, national chairman of the Communist Party USA. Bachtell, 59, was essentially a red diaper baby; his parents were leftists who were active in various radical causes during the 1950s and 1960s, although the article portrays them as civil rights crusaders.

These days, according to the article, Bachtell mainly organizes for progressive Democrats, a statement that’s more pregnant of meaning than most I have heard.

Now, I’m not even going to pretend to be objective here; remember, I’m the guy who said that the federal government, the states, organized militias – someone – should have taken it upon themselves to cut down communist marchers with tommy guns en masse back in the 1920s, that communism should have been banned outright, and that comprehensive counterintelligence programs should have been implemented to quash the advancement of any person or organization even remotely evidencing communist or socialist leanings.

Had these things occurred, America would not, at this very moment, be teetering on the brink of totalitarian collectivism with a cabal of subversive radicals at the helm. I acknowledge that such action would have been an abrogation of certain parties’ civil rights, but given the lack of regard that the ascendant left has shown for individual rights and the Constitution, we have no reasonable expectation that these things will even exist once the left has cemented its power. Hence my justification.

That said, I find it quite surreal when I hear communists – and even some liberals –intellectualizing around the supposed virtues of Marxism and regurgitating pitifully threadbare anti-capitalist condemnation. It is only owing to Marxists’ flair for propaganda that they still manage to get away with espousing egalitarian values despite having murdered nearly a half-billion people during the last century.

To a degree, this “marketing of Marxism” is that of which the Gawker interview mainly consisted. One really ought to read the interview in its entirety to glean a sufficient understanding of the sham and duplicity in which radical leftists routinely engage.

Bachtell would have us believe that the CPUSA is far-removed from Cold War-era communism. It has been documented that the Weather Underground (the violent communist group founded by Obama crony Bill Ayers) was working toward a communist revolution in America featuring re-education centers and a purge (mass execution) of some 25 million “diehard capitalists.”

Well, Ayers and many of those who thought that way at the time are still around; some have great political influence, and a few even work in the White House.

I’m afraid that’s not quite “far-removed” enough for me.

Recently, investigative journalists Alan Jones and Mary Fanning published an article based upon their investigation into the origins narrative, identity and eligibility questions that have swirled around Barack Hussein Obama since before he took office. (Regular readers will be aware that WND has long been at the vanguard of such efforts.)

While their investigation did corroborate some things we know to be true regarding Obama’s identity fraud and lifelong subversive associations, it provided much more information pertaining to the extent of communist infiltration in America 50 years ago. The fact that Obama’s parents and extended family had ties to prominent individuals involved in this pursuit became almost incidental.

One chilling detail revealed by Jones and Fanning involved a Soviet double agent who secretly transported Soviet spies and Nazis into the United States during the late 1940s and 1950s; under the pretext of humanitarianism, these operatives were designated as “refugees.”

Of course, this is eerily similar to the comprehensive program of “refugee resettlement” initiated by Obama and involving tens of thousands of unvetted individuals from destabilized Muslim nations like Syria and Somalia being spirited into the U.S..

Marxists are fond of arguing that capitalism and democratic republics don’t work. In America, dedicated leftists have put forth a great deal of effort in sabotaging the mechanisms thereof, then citing the results of their sabotage as validating their criticism. It’s akin to claiming a particular brand of automobile is inferior, then surreptitiously adding water to its gas tank in order to ensure its poor performance, thus “proving” your point.

Similarly, every leader of every failed or failing communist state has pointed to the policies of other nations (usually freer, capitalist ones) to deflect the blame for their own abysmal management. Though in some instances these nations were completely closed to outside influences for many years, leftist despots invariably attempted to convince their citizens that culpability for their destitution lay in malevolent external forces.

Denial on a grand scale, abdication of personal responsibility and victimhood – the same concepts leftist leaders instill into individuals within society – they also practice geopolitically.

The art (or science; take your pick) of mass manipulation has never been more sophisticated than at this moment. Part of this is owing to technology. Another aspect is refinement over time. This is the chief reason that at present, most Americans are incapable of conceptualizing (let alone anticipating) far-reaching disasters such as the recent debt crisis in Greece, with its government confiscation of private bank deposits and rioting, occurring here.

Sure, times are tough, but we’ve weathered those before. Obama is still a pretty cool guy, even after seven years of catastrophic serial “miscalculations.” Why, no one’s even discussing the fact that our government arriving at a 5 percent unemployment rate – with 95 million Americans missing from a labor force of 160 million – has got to involve some really weird math.

With that conditioning at work, factor in a little denial and mental laziness and it’s a cinch most Americans couldn’t even begin to process the scenario Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground had in store for us – even if they saw it coming, armored, down Main Street.

*Article by Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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