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Confessions of an Islamophobe: What Happens When An Ordinary American Stands Up to the Global Islamic Jihad?

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Canada is now discussing criminal penalties for “Islamophobia.”

Facebook’s Vice President went to Pakistan in July to assure the Pakistani government that Facebook would remove content critical of Islam.

American columnists seriously call for the denial of free speech rights to those who warn about the jihad threat.

That call was directed at me, for the crime of  “falsely constructing a divide between Islam and the West.”

“Falsely”? Really?

Clearly, there are some very powerful people who are desperately afraid of what they call “Islamophobia,” and are now cracking down on it hard.

For years I have been sounding the alarm about the threat of jihad terror and the human rights abuses that Sharia enables, and increasingly the West, instead of heeding these warnings, is turning against those who have been sounding them.

In my forthcoming book Confessions of an Islamophobe, I make my case.

Is there really a threat to the free world from jihad terror and Sharia oppression, or is such concern all just paranoid fear-mongering, xenophobia, racism, bigotry, paranoia, profiteering — in a word, “Islamophobia”?

I’ve always found such accusations bewildering and baseless, and still do.

I began this work because I was an ordinary American — a believer in the freedom of speech and free society and the equality of rights of all before the law — who saw problems that weren’t being addressed adequately.

In the intervening years, those problems have only gotten worse, although the ruling elites still generally do not admit there are any problems at all.

So: are they right, or am I? You be the judge: in Confessions of an Islamophobe, I discuss the real threat women, homosexuals, Jews, Christians, secular liberals and secular Muslims face, and reveal what happens to those ordinary citizens who dare to tell the truth about that threat.

Pre-order Confessions of an Islamophobe here.

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

The Washington Standard

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