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Congolese Illegal Aliens Overrun San Antonio & Portland (Video)

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While much of the news on illegal alien invaders entering the US through our collapsed southern border center around those coming from Central America – Guatamala, Honduras, and El Salvador, another group of migrants have been entering through Ecuador, stopping off in San Antonio, Texas, as they make their way to Portland, Maine.  According to the report at Fox News’ Ingraham Angle, these individuals originate from the Congo in Africa, where there has been a new outbreak of Ebola.

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Watch the video.

It was fortuitous that Urs Gehriger, a journalist who speaks French, came to the united States following this story to conduct interviews.  As reported, none of the illegal alien invaders spoke English, were standing outside a homeless shelter in San Antonio, and were indicating their final destination as Portland, Maine.  More on that later.  None of the illegal alien invaders Gehriger interviewed would disclose how they entered the US, how they entered via Ecuador, nor how they travelled from the Congo to Ecuador.  The more Gehriger pressed these individuals about this issue and the money needed to cross the vast distances their demeanor changed to increasing levels of aggression. The question is why.  What is so secretive on explaining to someone how one travelled from the Congo to the US via Ecuador?

Gehriger provided host Laura Ingraham with a paper these illegal alien invaders possessed, proving there was coaching being provided to these illegal alien invaders on not talking to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.  Ingraham suspected this paper came from non-government organizations (NGOs) who assist illegal alien invaders after entry into the US.  If readers remember, these NGOs contract with the federal government to assist illegal alien invaders to access government entitlement programs paid for by the US taxpayers.  Additionally, these NGOs provide “counseling” to invaders on various topics and in some cases, assist with transport to “illegal alien invader friendly” cities and States.

Portland, Maine has become the destination of choice with Congolese illegal alien invaders due in part to the open invitation issued by the Governor of Maine to illegal alien invaders.  But, the city in Maine has now been inundated with illegal alien invaders to the point the city is requesting no more illegal alien invaders.  YouTuber Anthony Brian Logan is asking all the right questions – questions that our own government should be asking but isn’t.  How are these illegal alien invaders paying for the passage from Congo to Ecuador than the united States?  Logan claimed these people are not rich, but someone in Congo has money to send these invaders here.  He stated that these invaders were well-dressed to be poor, were over-running homeless shelters and transient housing, and were coming to get help from the government, aka citizen taxpayers.

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Watch the video.

As with most illegal alien invaders, Logan indicated these from the Congo have no skills and no ability to make something of themselves.  He went on to indicate that if everyone were being honest, there is no way the united States can continue to take in illegal alien invaders because this republic would be turned into a second and/or third world country in some areas.  The example used for comparison was California where high wage gaps occur and streets are littered with filth and numerous tent cities are scattered throughout various towns.

Logan highlighted what many Americans know, but don’t really say.  Many of these people are not coming just from Central America, but from everywhere.  Some come as indentured servants, working in the sex industry (prostitution), sleeping in the massage parlors, and used to repatriate money back to their country of origin.  If the illegal alien invaders are taking from taxpayers, some of that money is going back to their country of origin.  Furthermore, these individuals are entering the US without anyone knowing what kind of diseases they are carrying that could spread among the US population.  They come because of our welfare (entitlement)/warfare state, catch and release border policies, and repatriation of money back to their home country.

There is more going on with illegal alien invasion than meets the eye.  If readership has paid attention, Pamela Geller reported that Hezbollah has a presence in New York.  Its leader confessed he was part of a “sleeper cell” whose intent was to prepare for potential future attacks against the united States.  While Ms. Geller indicated this is a “fall-out” from the Hussein Soetoro administration policies on illegal alien invasion, these policies have continued with Trump in the White House, contrary to his campaign platform.  One has to wonder how many other terrorist organizations have entered the US just waiting for instructions to attack.

No one has to wonder if this illegal alien invasion has been planned, well organized, and well-timed.  With the numbers seen illegally crossing, then transported throughout the republic, there is no doubt it is.  And, there should be no doubt it is the product of the “Deep State/Shadow Government”, its minions, and those powerful individuals who promote global government.  To achieve the global government goal, the US has to be broken in every way possible.  FYI – TSA allows these individuals to travel by air without proper identification.  While American citizens are prohibited from air travel without proper identification and an invasive pat down that is more akin to groping in violation of the Fourth Amendment, these illegal alien invaders procured a “pass” from government.

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This is criminal.  It is an invasion that States should repel since the federal government will not.  Those plotting the downfall of our government are committing treason and deserve to reap the full impact of the law, meted out by the people.  It has become apparent that government agencies are operating as they will without much congressional oversight.  With the pressing issue of a collapsed southern border, the best that the Tea Party Darling can do is attempt to partner with the Democrat Socialist Sweetheart on over-the-counter birth control and lobbying.  Those who considered themselves part of the “House Freedom Caucus” have gone silent.

What can anyone expect when the biggest issue in both chambers of Congress is getting rid of Trump by any means necessary, the welfare of the country and citizens be damned.   Some members of Congress are more interested in non-issue legislation (OTC birth control, lobbying, flag burning ban) than restoring our collapsed southern border.  Others are focused on the nothing-burger Mueller report, trying to find crime in a non-crime document.  All the while, illegal alien invaders from all over the world flood our collapsed southern border bringing numerous diseases with them – many are infected with mumps, measles and chicken pox, while others come from Ebola outbreak nations.

America, are you fed up yet?

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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