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Connecticut: Cow’s Throat Slit “In Accordance With Islamic Law” In Home Depot Parking Lot

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The facts at hand presumably speak for themselves, but a trifle more vulgarly, I suspect, than facts even usually do. The New York Post headline Friday was “Cow slaughtered in Home Depot parking lot after escaping meat market.” The cow was stopped while in the process of committing “Islamophobia”: it escaped a halal meat market in Bloomfield, Connecticut, where it was being prepared to be slaughtered “in accordance with Islamic law.” But “Islamophobia” was averted: the hapless cow had its throat slit in the neighboring Home Depot parking lot.

The Post reports that the local authorities are still suffering from “Islamophobia,” as the Post reports that “the gory scene prompted the closure of the Saba meat store in Bloomfield,” from which the hate-filled cow escaped.

And it made a good run for it. According to the Post, “the cow dashed out of Saba on Saturday and ran across the street to the hardware store — with employee Badr Musaed and a contractor Andy Morrison hot on its trail.” There then ensued a scene that would be laughably absurd if it weren’t a sign of deep-seated and racist hatred of Muslims to think so: “Morrison, who was doing renovation work at the meat store and was armed with a bow and arrow, tried to help Musaed corral the cow while the local police also responded. Dash camera footage obtained by NBC shows the officer trying to box the bovine in with his cruiser — and Morrison attempting to shoot it with his weapon.”

The police report noted: “As the cow ran towards the employees, Morrison shot at the cow, however, he missed and the arrow struck the wall of the Home Depot.” But there was no reprieve for this bigoted cow. The Post continues: “Suddenly, Musaed whipped out a foot-long knife and slit the cow’s throat as other Saba employees wrangled the animal.”

A police officer who was on the scene demonstrated that he needs to undergo considerable sensitivity training in order to raise his multicultural awareness and become more welcoming to his Muslim sisters and brothers. He sputtered to the Saba butchers: “You know this is a big — this is a problem. This is not something that can be done.”

A Saba employee shot back an apparent non-sequitur: “We try to do our best, you know.” Maybe he meant that he and his colleagues tried their best to enforce Islamic law, even if it meant slitting a cow’s throat in a Home Depot parking lot.

Whatever he meant, the officer, almost as hapless as the cow itself, became defensive and almost apologetic, saying: “OK, but you guys get, like, you get a leash … this kid here just watched you slit a cow’s throat.”

A leash for a cow?

The Saba employee was unmoved by this appeal to the innocence of youth. After all, children have to obey Allah, too, and “they come in our store all the time,” he told the gallant officer of the law, who tried one more time to restore sanity to the proceedings: “OK, but we’re not in your store right now. You’re in the back of Home Depot.”

Indeed. And so he gave Badr Musaed a ticket for “creating a public disturbance.” Police told Morrison “that he, too, would’ve been charged had there been more people in the area when he tried to shoot the cow.” Justice!

The Post article also noted that “the police report indicated that neither he nor his coworkers appeared remorseful.”

Why should they? They were acting in accordance with Islamic law. How dare the Bloomfield, Connecticut police imply that there was anything wrong with that? The cop told the Saba employees: “You know this is a big — this is a problem. This is not something that can be done.”

Sure, but just let him try to stop it. The “Islamophobia” charges and his dismissal from the force will come before he can even say “Diversity is our strength.” Get used to this, Bloomfield Home Depot shoppers!

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

The Washington Standard

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