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Contempt Resolution Asks AG Garland to Consider Prosecuting Himself

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What do you think he’ll decide?

One reason that the Biden administration was able to lock up former Trump advisers like Bannon and Navarro was that the DOJ has become a political machine targeting the enemies of the administration.

That’s also why the GOP House holding AG Merrick Garland in contempt is a wholly aspirational proposition.

Asking the DOJ to prosecute its own boss isn’t just asking the fox to watch the henhouse, but to police itself. It will occasional some back and forth paperwork and that’s about it.

The argument is that it’s a black mark on AG Garland’s prestigious career of doing Joe Biden’s dirty work. Fair enough, if it was still 2007. Maybe. Definitely 1997. Instead, we’re in an exciting age where presidential candidates are routinely under perpetual DOJ investigation and the only reason AG Garland fears disgrace is that Biden blames him for not doing enough to protect Hunter Biden and the Big Guy from an investigation.

No one will begrudge the House holding Garland in contempt. If only they’d done it for something more substantial than refusing to hand over the Biden audio tapes. It’s a flimsy excuse, especially in a DOJ that has flagrantly engaged in illegal activity, double standards, and grotesque abuses. Only some of those are actionable and the House GOP scrabbled to find something that AG Garland would refuse to cooperate with resulting in a contempt resolution.

And so Merrick now has a contempt resolution for failing to hand over tapes that would demonstrate his boss is a dementia case.

It’s not quite Watergate, but it may be Watergate if it had starred Peter Sellers.

I certainly hope AG Garland doesn’t give himself a pass. Now that might merit impeachment.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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