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Cop Allowed to Quietly Resign Despite Video of Him Obliterating Innocent Woman’s Face

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A woman who called police for help was left battered and disfigured after that “help” smashed her face in.

Hall County, GA — As TFTP has consistently reported, police officers in America beat and abuse their spouses and girlfriends at a rate far higher than the national average. Knowing that many officers have this propensity to beat women with whom they are in a relationship, it should come as no surprise that women they do not know are fair game as well. As the following disturbing video illustrates, even innocent non-threatening women asking for help, can and will become the victims of woman-beating cops and it is the taxpayers who clean up their mess after the system fails to hold them accountable.

Officer Timothy Holbrook, of the Oakwood Police Department, was allowed to quietly resign this week in spite of the fact that video showed him savagely attacking 36-year-old Annie Lloyd in September.

Lloyd — who is still recovering from her injuries months ago — made the terrible mistake of calling police for help on Sept. 24 to report a theft and assault. Lloyd was admittedly intoxicated when Holbrook arrived on scene but when she fell unconscious moments later, it had nothing to do with the alcohol.

“He did pick her up and he put her on the ground pretty forcefully and she was knocked unconscious,” Oakwood police Chief Tim Hatch told the AJC in October.

When watching the body camera footage, the chief claiming Holbrook merely “picked her up” and “put her on the ground” was clearly a fabrication. As the video shows, Holbrook lifted the tiny woman into the air before body-slamming her face-first into the pavement so hard that she was knocked out and left with multiple injuries to her face, arm and shoulder.

“As soon as I got knocked out, it’s like my whole memory went blank,” Lloyd said. “My cheek still has a huge knot on it. … I’m going to be having to see doctors after this for probably a long time.”

As the footage shows, Lloyd never once became physical with Holbrook. Instead, she merely argued with him and refused to get in the patrol car — which was her right given the fact that she was not under arrest.

”You can go sit over there or I’m going to take you to jail for obstruction.” Holbrook said. “Do you want to go to jail or do you want to go home tonight?”

When Holbrook had enough, he took out his anger on Lloyd by smashing her into the pavement.

Despite video evidence of the assault and the long list of injuries he caused to Lloyd, Holbrook was never held accountable. Instead, he was allowed to quietly resign this week in an insidious manner that will allow him to keep his law enforcement license and become a gypsy cop.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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