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Cop Gets 15 Day Vacation for Drunken Road Rage Shooting that Left Innocent Dad Paralyzed

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San Antonio, TX — Demontae Walker was facing a slew of charges earlier this year for shooting a San Antonio police officer. However, earlier this month, all those charges were dropped once the truth came out and the District Attorney found that Walker was justified in shooting officer Dezi Rios—who was the aggressor in the situation. However, even though Walker was vindicated, because the system is inherently corrupt, Rios is still a cop and received just a 15-day vacation in the form of a suspension — for leaving an innocent dad paralyzed.

The tragic incident unfolded on May 29 as Walker brought his wife’s cousin to work at a local gentlemen’s club. According to Walker’s attorney, Charles Adams, it all began over a fit of road rage.

“(Walker’s) story was that a vehicle driving at a very high rate of speed, he estimated over 100 mph, cut him off while he was exiting the freeway to drop his wife’s cousin off for work,” Adams said. “He was forced to swerve back into the I-10 lane, not the exit lane, then come to an almost complete stop and then exit.

“He said that when he got to the light, that the person that cut him off — he used the word ‘mean mugging,’ but (was) staring at him in the rearview mirror and looking very angry.

“Demontae said he then signaled for his turn and pulled into the parking lot and the vehicle pulled into his parking lot, as well. He said that he parked to drop (his relative) off, and then the off-duty officer exited the vehicle then approached him very aggressively, shouting at him.”

What happened after the two pulled into the parking lot of the strip club varies depending on who is telling the story. However, Walker’s story is backed up by witnesses and evidence and Rios has none of the above.

According to the “official police story,” which led to Walker being charged with shooting a police officer, Walker was the instigator. Rios told his fellow cops that Walker shouted at him, “Hey mother f—–r, you know you almost killed me back there,” to which Rios responded, “Obviously I f—–g didn’t because you’re still here. You’re a f—–g dumba– for pulling over. Get the f— out of here.”

Rios then said that Walker pulled a gun and shot him six times before Rios retreated back to his car to grab his own gun. However, according to Adams, the 911 call made by Walker and the fact that there was no blood trail at Rios’ vehicle, show that the officer is lying.

“(Rios’) position was that he had to return to his vehicle to get his firearm (and) that he approached Demontae unarmed,” Adams said. “Demontae has always said that when he saw the officer pull his gun, he then pulled a gun and shot him, but aimed for his legs, to have (Rios) stop being aggressive toward him, and then he got in his car and immediately called 911.”

Investigators could not prove that Rios went back to his car after being shot. Instead, according to Adams, the 911 call proves Walker defended himself from Rios—who was the aggressor—and then was shot by Rios as he called 911 to report the shooting.

During the 911 call, Adams says that you can hear Walker’s passenger scream as he is shot and then scream again when she is shot as well.

“If you are the aggressor, it doesn’t make sense to me that you would immediately get in your car and call the police for help,” Adams said.

On top of the 911 call and the lack of a blood trail, Rios was intoxicated that night as well. Walker was not. Rios had left a police banquet and admitted to drinking at least five mixed drinks.

“Obviously, if you have five mixed drinks, you should not be driving, nor can you legally carry a gun,” Adams said. “A policeman can carry a gun all the time, unless you’re intoxicated.”

After the shooting, Walker was charged not only with shooting the cop, but also in the shooting of his wife’s cousin—despite the fact that it was Rios who shot her.

As KSAT reports:

After the shooting, Walker was booked on two charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for shooting Rios and for the injury his relative suffered in the gun battle. However, Adams said it isn’t disputed that Rios was the one who accidentally shot Walker’s relative, elaborating that Walker should have never been charged in connection with his relative’s shooting.

Luckily for Walker, the truth came out and the charges were dropped. However, this incident is still tragic as Rios’ shots hit Walker’s spinal cord and this aspiring new father, with his entire life ahead of him, is now paralyzed.

“My client’s life is ruined,” Adams said. “He cannot perform his job anymore. He’s got a 9-month-old, married, he cannot support either of them. It was a horrible event.”

Walker was facing life in prison after being accused of shooting the officer. However, because Rios is a police officer, he wasn’t even fired, much less charged. For shooting an innocent father and paralyzing him, Rios received just 15 days of suspension last month. And we call this ‘justice’ in the land of the free.

I you would like to peacefully voice your concern over the lack of punishment this trigger happy, road raging cop received for leaving an innocent father paralyzed, you can do so at the SAPD Facebook page, here.

Article posted with permission from The Free Thought Project

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