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Cop Sexually Assaults Man In Public With Anal Cavity Search To Look For Non-Existent Drugs (Video)

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Lynchburg, VA — In the ostensible land of the free, you are not free to do with your body what you see fit. From mandatory vaccinations to forced abortions after rape, the state knows no bounds in the horrifying pursuit to control the only thing over which you have total dominion. As the debates rage on over vaccination and abortion, another equally egregious violation of bodily autonomy continues in the background, largely unhindered, all thanks to the war on drugs.

Make no mistake, the state kidnapping and caging folks for ingesting arbitrary substances deemed illegal by the ruling class is insidious enough. However, when agents of that state seek to physically violate one’s body in a rapacious and sexual manner — in search of those substances — it’s not only insidious but could be considered a crime against humanity.

Unfortunately, those who continue to wage this failed war on drugs do not see it this way. As the following example illustrates, the order followers have no problem continuing this practice of state-sponsored roadside rape to seek out substances their rulers tell them are illegal.

A video, released this week out of Lynchburg, Virginia, captured this disgusting and predatory practice unfold. The video as part of a lawsuit against the Lynchburg police department for the literal roadside rape of a man by a cop looking for illegal substances.

In the video, we see an unnamed officer put his hand down a handcuffed man’s pants and search for non-existent contraband. In the footage you can hear the person filming saying “they searched him, didn’t find sh*t. They violated him. Put his fingers up his butt and didn’t find sh*t.”

According to the lawsuit and the victim, that is exactly what unfolded that day — and it happened in broad daylight as shocked bystanders watched in horror.

“His gloves are on. He puts his hand down the front of my pants, reaches in between my crotch and my testicles and all of that,” the plaintiff of the lawsuit, who remains anonymous said in an interview with ABC13. “He goes in the back of my pants and puts his hand in my rectum and swipes in like an upward motion I felt, like, a sharp pain.”

“It’s very degrading for a man to come out and say ‘another man put his finger in my rectum,’ as a grown man,” he said.

It certainly is, and that is why he is suing.

“My client was saying that he was being violated, begging him to stop. The officer continued. He found nothing,” Cam Warren, the victim’s attorney said in an interview.

Indicating a pattern of abuse by this officer is the fact that another victim has come forward alleging that he underwent a similar act of sexual abuse by the same cop. In fact, the first victim says he knows at least 15 other people who have been sexually abused by this single officer.

“He initially searched me one time. He unbuckled my belt, rubbed my thighs down and then came back up my buttocks area,” the second victim said in an interview. “It made me uncomfortable. I never thought you could do that to people.”

If you’re the Lynchburg police department, however, you certain can — and you’ll get away with it too.

According to ABC 13, neither of the victims faced a single drug charge, their sexual assaults were carried out in vain, and the officer involved is still on regular duty.

Both men say they were pulled over for traffic violations. Online court records show they were later charged with such offenses. For instance, the first accuser, who is suing the officer, was found guilty of two misdemeanors: reckless driving and driving under a suspended license. Neither of the men were charged with any drug offenses in relation to these incidents because they say they didn’t have drugs on them.

“If the average citizen did that, they would be charged with sexual assault,” said Brad Garrett, a former FBI agent and ABC News contributor.

Indeed. But if you have a badge and a gun, you can sexually assault an otherwise innocent man and claim you did it as part of the drug war — and face zero consequences.

After watching the officer who assaulted them face no consequences, both of his alleged victims are now calling for an investigation and charges.

“I just want [the officer] to be held accountable for his actions,” the second accuser said. “I don’t think you should treat people like that.”

“This stuff isn’t happening everywhere – only in urban communities” the first victim said. “I was clean. I was violated. They traumatized me.”

Hopefully that justice will come.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

Matt Agorist

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project.
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