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Corrupt Alleged Sex Predator Biden Wants to Restore America’s Soul

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Can you save the soul of a nation when you have no soul of your own?

But give Biden some credit, he’s recognized that he can’t possibly run on the economy or on pandemic management, oh that’s left is empty virtue signaling about souls honor and decency from a man with no soul no honor and no decency.

President Biden said in an interview broadcast on Saturday that he hopes his legacy “is that I restored the soul of this country.”

Where exactly can this alleged soul that an alleged sex predator and corrupt hack restored be seen? Are we somehow more united, are our values better, are we more optimistic about the future in 2022 than we were 2 years ago?

Biden said that he hoped he would be remembered for restoring “some decency and honor to the office” of the presidency, rebuilding America’s middle class and repairing partnerships with other countries.

Biden really ought to stick to his intangible word salads. The last thing he ought to be talking now about is the status of the middle class, whose net worth is plummeting in the wake of his inflationary spending, which has no optimism toward the future, let alone restoring international alliances which appear more of a disaster than ever in the wake of the situation in the Ukraine.

Biden can talk about the status of our souls, about honor and decency as much as he likes, because at least those are intangible enough that it may be difficult to objectively measure them, but when it comes to the economic status of the middle class and the state of the world, those are all too measurable. And in that measure Joe Biden is found to be miserably wanting.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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