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Could GOP Disunity Doom Us All?

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In all candor, I feel as though it would be remiss for me not to share a certain discomfort at the deportment of some Republican and conservative likely voters as this campaign season has progressed.

First, we will need to look at a current geopolitical snapshot. Leaving aside the fact that a great deal of what follows is a direct result of the actions of the Obama administration, consider this:

The world is currently facing the mobilization of a profoundly hostile, barbaric creed – Islam – which has the goal of nothing less than global domination. Currently, it is engaged in an invasion of Europe, which socialism has nearly destroyed already.

America’s relations with her allies are at an all-time low, and telegraphed weakness has greatly emboldened her enemies. The allies which Washington has not alienated outright have been subverted further into potentially disastrous policies, leading to a destabilization of Europe on several fronts. The Middle East and parts of Africa are hotbeds of continuous warfare and atrocity.

Back at home, the White House, its surrogates, the press, and even their ostensible detractors have minimized Islam’s threat; this has manifested in ongoing bizarre and surreal assertions that Muslims are no more a threat than Methodists to national security and domestic tranquility. We now live in a country wherein school sports teams get excluded from leagues and events because they are “too good,” grade school children are suspended from school from pointing their fingers and saying “bang,” homeowners can face prosecution for killing armed home invaders; murder and mayhem on the part of Muslims is rationalized while Christian merchants are forced to cater to the whims of sexual deviants. Over 90 million Americans are out of work, yet the government and the press continue to report a 5% unemployment rate. The level of endemic corruption and its cavalier practice among those in government are not to be believed.

Needless to say, I could go on ad infinitum.

Other than illustrating that liberalism, socialism, and anything even remotely resembling same should be purged from public policy entirely, all of this clearly establishes that now is not the time to screw around, particularly when the Democrats are offering two of the most dangerous leftists that the Party could possibly conjure up as presidential hopefuls.

Despite all of the foregoing, I have noted a widespread peremptory condemnation of GOP presidential candidates on the part of Republican voters, expressed by an open contempt for anyone besides their candidate of choice. Sadly, this closely resembles the poisonous hatred that liberals routinely demonstrate for everything un-liberal. If one is a supporter of Donald Trump, then the other GOP candidates are vile reprobates who deserve to roast for eternity in the foulest pit of Hell. The attitude among supporters of other Republican hopefuls is similarly noxious.

This posture not only evidences the aforementioned contempt for less-than-undesirable GOP candidates, but also demonstrates a willingness to overlook what could be significant liabilities on the part of their candidate of choice.

For example: Sen. Ted Cruz, who is closing in on Trump, is a favorite of millions of conservatives. Cruz is however, ineligible to hold the office of President by virtue of the fact that he is not a natural born citizen of the United States. As I indicated last week, many appear willing to overlook this, perhaps because we are in such dire straits, and because Obama got a pass on the issue.

Quite a few Republicans favor Florida Sen. Marco Rubio despite his ineligibility, support for questionable immigration policies, and that fact that he is clearly far too beholden to the establishment GOP machine. Ben Carson is analogous to Trump in that his history does not bespeak a conservative, yet his fame and timely articulation of conservative principles have caused many to fall head-over-heels in love with the candidate.

The fact that over 60% of Republicans feel betrayed by their Party and are enraged at the multitudinous recent betrayals by GOP leaders (such as voting to fund Planned Parenthood, illegal immigration benefits, refugee relocation, and the $1.7 billion dollar payment to Iran) suggests that Republican voters would be more issues-driven than adherents to the cult of personality – but this has not been the case.

Although current Republican front runner Donald Trump has infused needed dialogue on key topics and articulated the deep frustration of many Americans (conservatives in particular), a lot of voters are dead set against a Trump nomination, well… because he’s Donald Trump. Many conservatives oppose him because they claim he’s not a conservative. Despite similar liabilities however, Republicans were willing to vote for John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012, knowing full well that they were not conservatives. Later, Romney proved that his election cycle overtures to conservatives were counterfeit, and McCain committed treason at the behest of the Obama White House in abetting the ascendency of the ISIS terror group.

Ultimately, all of this is concerning from a viewpoint of whether or not Republicans and independent voters of the sentiments detailed above will be able to rally behind any Republican nominee. Although I believe that voter fraud factored prominently in the last two presidential elections, conservatives’ disdain for McCain and Romney also played a large part in election turnout – and the outcome: Eight years of a malevolent caricature whose policies and actions have been so injurious to this nation that it may never recover.

This is, indeed, not the time to screw around…

Article reposted with permission from Instigator News, the opinions and views shared do not necessarily reflect the views of The Washington Standard.

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