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COVID: The Real Numbers Say a Lot

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There is a radio station that I listen to that I turn off every time the commercials come on. The reason I do this is that they cry about the COVID numbers every commercial segment and they do it multiple times throughout the segment. It is so sad to see the news media making fools of themselves, that I just turn it off and turn it back on at the end of the segment.

Yesterday, I got out a piece of paper and took a closer look at the numbers. When I was growing up, we could go into a café and some old boy would take a napkin and pen and show something you needed to know. He did not need a calculator, people used to think and use their brains. I am trying to get people to start doing that again, but encouraging thinking in a non-thinking world does not always catch on fast.

In my state of Minnesota, our cult leader of fear, pretending to be governor, just claimed to have the power to lock down the state again. When I say this to some people they say: “Dear God, Steve, don’t you know 9 people in our county have died of COVID.” I then respond by saying: “Well, I know one of those 9 people was a man who was 94, he had terminal leukemia and they had given him 3 months to live, and he lived 4. I know his neighbor and his wife did not like him being used as a COVID statistic. I also know that people we have brought to the hospital with our ambulance, fighting their battle with lung cancer, had their funerals delayed to see if they could also be used as a COVID statistic.

Here is something else I know. If I use their less than reliable numbers, here is what I see. If 9 people died of COVID, then 34,864 people in my county did not die of COVID. That is only 1 out of every 3,986 people in my county died of COVID. Yes, it is a bummer if you are the 1, but if I ever make it to 94 years old, I do not plan on complaining if COVID finally gets me.

Then there is the: “Everybody is getting sick, something should be done.” Well, let’s look at that, as well. In my county, we have 1,682 people they claim as positive cases. Now, there is a big problem with false positives, but I will use their numbers for the sake of argument. If we have 1,682 people with COVID in my county, we also have 34,191 people without COVID. Only 4.7% of the people in our county have tested positive for COVID. The other people, 95.3% of them, are just fine. No reason to panic here. That is 1 out of every 21 people tested positive. If I am in a room with 21 people and 1 of them has a cold, don’t ask me to freak out.

Think clearly for a moment.  If you are in a room with 3,986 people, do you expect them all to feel good? Why would anyone think everyone should be healthy? Look in the mirror if you want to know if you are healthy. If you are overweight, admit it. Then, before you go to the fridge, go to the mirror to decide if you need to eat something. If you are overweight, maybe you should grab a carrot instead of a Twinkie. If you are unhealthy do not wreck my economy, fix your health.

In 2018, our county had 6 fatal car crashes. If we exclude the terminal leukemia patients from our COVID death numbers, we may have about as many deaths as car crashes in 2018. The fact that Waltz would hurt so many people like this, in the name of fighting COVID, is criminal. A federal judge should have arrested Walz by now.

The issue of masks is another sham that is destroying the credibility of doctors and other medical professionals. I took a look at the Danish mask study. They tested 6,024 people. Out of all those people, they could only use for the test the ones that tested positive. That was the number that caught my attention. Only 95 people tested positive for COVID. Think about that. In the test, 5,929 people did not get sick. The test showed that only 1.6% of the 6,024 people tested became positive for COVID. Of the 95 people, 42 people were in the group that wore masks and 53 people were in the group that did not were masks. Think about that, 42 people is 0.7% masked and 53 people not masked are 0.9% of the people in the study. Why would the doctors and government want to harass and destroy the economy, when 5,929 people were just fine? Remember, there are no tests proving lockdowns or masks as safe. They did not test safety.

One last thing to think about: Remember, in my county, only 1 out of every 3,986 people died. In order to try and save that one life by using a vaccine, you would need to vaccinate 3,986 people. How ethical is it to force 3,986 people to do something for the benefit of 1 person? If doctors were really as smart as their arrogance claims they are, they would know how to save the 1 person and leave the other 3,986 people alone.

The other question is, how many babies are killed by abortion to make those vaccines? Look at the details of what is in vaccines and learn the medical terms and you will be surprised. How is having your baby killed to make a vaccine you benefit from, different than throwing your baby into the belly of Moloch? In both things, you want to benefit, and in both things, a baby is murdered. How does hiding behind science change anything? Hitler’s doctors claimed they had science on their side. Of course, the Jews that Nazi doctors did experiments on disagreed, and I suspect the babies that abortion doctors murder for the vaccines would disagree if they could have talked.

Frankly, when they started experimenting on the babies they killed, we knew all we needed to know. No ethical doctor would murder one person to benefit another person. Monsters do that. Our health care system is polluted with evil people that do evil things. If the good people in health care let that continue, then they are not good people.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media.  Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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