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Criminal Cops & The Difference Between Protesters & Violent Rioters & Looters

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This entire orchestration of what took place in Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago and continues throughout the united States should be both a wake up call to everyone on how easily the people are played in order to corral them into tyranny. From the exposing of criminal cops to the blurring of the lines between the definition of protesters and violent rioters and looters, it is the people who are under attack in all of this. And keep in mind, the agenda marches forward from what came before it.


PROTEST‘, verb intransitive [Latin protestor; pro and testor, to affirm it.]

1. To affirm with solemnity; to make a solemn declaration of a fact or opinion; as, I protest to you, I have no knowledge of the transaction.

2. To make a solemn declaration expressive of opposition; with against; as, he protests against your votes.

The conscience has power to protest against the exorbitancies of the passions.

3. To make a formal declaration in writing against a public law or measure. It is the privilege of any lord in parliament to protest against a law or resolution.

PROTEST’, verb transitive To call as a witness in affirming or denying, or to prove an affirmation.

Fiercely they oppos’d

My journey strange, with clamorous uproar

PROTESTing fate supreme.

1. To prove; to show; to give evidence of. [Not in use.]

2. In commerce, to protest a bill of exchange, is for a notary public, at the request of the payee, to make a formal declaration under hand and seal, against the drawer of the bill, on account of non-acceptance or non-payment, for exchange, cost, commissions, damages and interest; of which act the indorser must be notified within such time as the law or custom prescribes. In like manner, notes of hand given to a banking corporation are protested for non-payment.

PRO’TEST, noun A solemn declaration of opinion, commonly against some act; appropriately, a formal and solemn declaration in writing of dissent from the proceedings of a legislative body; as the protest of lords in parliament, or a like declaration of dissent of any minority against the proceedings of a majority of a body of men.

1. In commerce, a formal declaration made by a notary public, under hand and seal, at the request of the payee or holder of a bill of exchange, for non-acceptance or non-payment of the same, protesting against the drawer and others concerned, for the exchange, charges, damages and interest. This protest is written on a copy of the bill, and notice given to the indorser of the same, by which he becomes liable to pay the amount of the bill, with charges, damages and interest; also, a like declaration against the drawer of a note of hand for non-payment to a banking corporation, and of the master of a vessel against seizure, etc. A protest is also a writing attested by a justice of the peace or consul, drawn by the master of a vessel, stating the severity of the voyage by which the ship has suffered, and showing that the damage suffered was not owing to the neglect or misconduct of the master.


1. In a general sense, tumult; uproar; hence technically, in law, a riotous assembling of twelve persons or more, and not dispersing upon proclamation.

The definition of riot must depend on the laws. In Connecticut, the assembling of three persons or more, to do an unlawful act by violence against the person or property of another, and not dispersing upon proclamation, is declared to be a riot In Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the number necessary to constitute a riot is twelve.

2. Uproar; wild and noisy festivity.

3. Excessive and expensive feasting. 2 Peter 2:13.

4. Luxury.

The lamb thy riot dooms to bleed today.

To run riot to act or move without control or restraint.

RI’OT, verb intransitive

1. To revel; to run to excess in feasting, drinking or other sensual indulgences.

2. To luxuriate; to be highly excited.

No pulse that riots, and no blood that glows.

3. To banquet; to live in luxury; to enjoy.

How base is the ingratitude which forgets the benefactor, while it is rioting on the benefit!

4. To raise an uproar or sedition.



verb (used with object)

verb (used without object)

to take loot; plunder:The conquerors looted and robbed.

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