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Dark To Light: Radio Show Hosts 12 Hour Marathon To Expose Child Protective Services

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Many believe that Child Protective Services (CPS) is needed in society, but the more we uncover, the more we discover that it is often used as part of the dark underbelly of our culture to kidnap kids from their parents in violation of the Constitution, and many times sell them into child trafficking, sex rings, or worse, to be slaughtered.  For the past couple of months, my good friend and former broadcast partner Jim White has been focusing on the real stories of families that have been impacted by CPS, and not in a good way.  Now, he is planning a 12-hour marathon broadcast to let parents from across the country tell you about the evils of CPS.

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With the news this week about Jeffrey Epstein and some of his targeting of foster care kids, which are put there by CPS, Jim discussed some of the downright evil and Satanic actions of those involved in child trafficking and the aid that CPS provides.

In his own state of Montana, a representative attempted to defund CPS, and though he had the votes to do so, once word got out, within 24 hours the legislature wouldn’t even hear the proposed legislation.

Montana Representative, Rodney Garcia is no fan of the Montana DPHHS.  To that point, he gained statewide attention when he came on NorthWest Liberty News and called for $1000 a day fines and jail time for the criminal element working inside the DPHHS.  The video of our interview is linked below.

Despite the fact that Representative Garcia’s proposals made during our first interview inflamed many, he doubled-down about a month later on NorthWest Liberty News and announced legislation to de-fund DPHHS to the tune of $50 Million over 2 years.  The video of that interview is linked below.

Despite all his efforts, the people turned on him and the children.  CPS continues to be funded with one-third of the taxes that the people of Montana pay… one-third!

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To catch Jim’s broadcast, you can watch below, or click here to subscribe to his YouTube channel.  He’ll be broadcasting from 9am MST to 9pm MST.

This is real news!

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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