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David Hogg Moves From Gun Confiscation To Net Neutrality Despite Its Repeal Effective This Week

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Usually when one speaks to the issues involving government, politics, and God-given individual unalienable rights, one has extensive knowledge about the issues or one does in-depth research to ensure the information conveyed is truthful and factual.  That is, unless you are an anti-constitutionalist and Communist, Socialist, Marxist Fuhrer wanna-be, notorious self-proclaimed Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg.  Since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting incident in Parkland, Florida, David Hogg has appeared before cameras and in print media promoting people control in the form of gun confiscation and disarming of law-abiding citizens against the inherent right guaranteed and protected by the Second Amendment.  But, Hogg has not stopped there.  He has extended his Communist, Socialist, Marxist rhetoric to defend net neutrality, which is a misnomer that really means regulation of the internet by government entities.

Now that net neutrality has been repealed, Hogg has engaged in spreading a “conspiracy theory” that the end of net neutrality means politicians and internet service providers will join forces to suppress voters.

Victor Morton reports for The Washington Times:

Gun control activist David Hogg took to Twitter on Tuesday to spread a conspiracy theory about the end of so-called “net neutrality.”

He stated that the companies that provide internet services and “the politicians” will conspire against websites that help register voters.

“Just wait till ISPs start collaborating with the politicians to slow down vote registration websites to suppress peoples right to vote. The survival of #NetNeutrality is up to you this November,” he wrote.

One common claim that backers of the 2015 rule make is that, without a requirement to provide equal speeds to all users (i.e., the environment for the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections), internet-service providers will charge more to small users and/or those without corporate connections. They also point to the number of ISPs decreasing with corporate takeovers.

However, there is no evidence that corporations would have any interest in collaborating with Republicans to suppress the vote, especially of minorities and Democrats.

The Federal Communications Commission, under President Trump, repealed the law, effective this week.

First of all, it would not behoove “politicians” to stifle any website that would help register citizens to vote nor would Internet Service Providers (ISPs) gain any advantage by impeding sites dedicated to registering citizens to vote.  Moreover, Hogg missed the memo that the Federal Communications Commission repealed that regulation earlier, taking effect this week.  Secondly, does God bestow upon anyone the inherent “right” to vote?  Remember, rights come from God, not government.  It is only when government is instituted by the people that voting comes into play.  Voting can be seen as a civic duty or a privilege, but it is not a “right” since government does not grant rights – only God bestows rights, which cannot be taken away despite laws enacted to the contrary.  And, not all governments allow the people to vote.  So, when government has the authority to grant something or to withhold something, it cannot be said to be a right, but a privilege or benefit.

Hogg, as usual, has not done any research into the issue, only repeated anti-constitutional talking points;  points that are untrue as when his cult declared “no one is coming to take away guns.”

One point the supporters of “net neutrality” claim is that ISPs should provide “equal speeds to all users.”  However, these supporters never claim what is a proper “equal speed.”  Looking at how Communists, Socialist, Marxists, anti-constitutionalists think, one can speculate these individuals would expect the highest speed of internet service that ISPs offer without any increase in price.  They expect to have what others who pay for blazing speed have without having to pay a price increase or pay at all.  These individuals expect to have a Corvette internet on an Escort price or subsidized internet service where others pay for their high-speed cost.  Unfortunately for them, capitalism and the free market doesn’t work that way.

ISPs who charge individuals more for less speed will see their customer base wither as consumers move to other providers that provide the speed desired at a lesser price.  And, not everyone needs blazing fast internet speed.  The average internet user does not need the same speed as a corporation or individuals who work from home or engage in internet activities where high-speed internet gives an advantage.  As has been seen how communism, socialism, and Marxism works, everyone is equal in those systems, being given the lowest common denominator of equal that results in abject poverty of all.  It would be the same with the internet.

One thing that is correct is the numbers of ISPs are dwindling as large conglomerates, such as AT&T, move to purchase or takeover smaller providers to gain a monopoly on services.  If allowed to continue, consumers may find that the choices of ISPs are limited in their area, sometimes being only one provider, which means the consumer is held hostage by large conglomerates thereby strangling the free market system.  The consumer has no other option to receive service if he/she is unhappy with the area provider.  But, this can be corrected by government refusing to allow conglomerates to attain a monopoly over the consumers, instead of supporting the free market system by allowing smaller providers to flourish.

Now, getting back to Hogg’s conspiracy theory regarding collusion between politicians and ISPs to hinder internet voter registration sites to “influence” elections, the little communist gun-grabber does not mention the current election system and its ability for the algorithm to be changed by the “middle man” receiving the results before passing those results on to the entity responsible for tabulating the votes in a foreign country.  BlackBoxVoting.org has investigated and documented extensively on methods used to “alter” the public’s vote to one that satisfies the “party,” Democrat in particular.  Yet, Hogg cares nothing about that only the possibility that politicians, which would include Democrats, and ISPs collaborating to limit voter registration.

However, Hogg does not provide any statistics to indicate how many individuals actually register to vote via the internet versus the voter registration occurring at the Department of Motor Vehicles or the Department of Public Safety, whichever is applicable in the State.  As citizens are aware, many States that allow illegal alien invaders to receive a drivers’ license also register these same illegals to vote.  And, as we also know, approximately 830,000 illegal alien invaders or noncitizens cast a vote in the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton.   It was Josef Stalin who said, “It doesn’t matter how many people vote;  it matters who counts the votes.”  So, is it really ISPs suppressing individuals accessing voter registration sites that Hogg, his cult and anti-constitutionalists are worried about?  Probably not.

More than likely, Hogg and his ilk are more concerned about not being able to pressure ISPs to “censor” content constitutionalists could access under “net neutrality” regulations, promoting propaganda and brainwashing of the American people over factual, truthful content.  But, Hogg missed another memo about censorship since big corporations like Google and Facebook are demonetizing constitutional and “conservative” content, altering algorithms to decrease these contents’ subscribers, using “fact checkers” to censor legitimate news sites, and engage in spying on their users in order to sell their information to the highest bidder for possible exploitation.  This doesn’t even begin to cover the “shadow” bans many users have received for voicing a constitutional or conservative opinion on any site maintained by these organizations while these organizations continue to allow sites that promote Islamization, jihad, social violence and violence against constitutionalists and conservatives to flourish with impunity.

No, Hogg is doing anything he can to stay relevant and in front of the cameras.  At this point, it is about ego, nothing more.  As States and municipalities move to try and enact stricter gun legislation, like California, and the people are fighting back, as in Deerfield, Illinois, Hogg’s tsunami of gun-grabber public support is fading into the background.  Moreover, California will get the opportunity to vote in November to split the States three ways.  However, the Calexit movement is still alive as organizers struggle to gain signatures for the initiative to appear on the November 2020 ballot.  Anti-constitutional policies are seeing Californians leaving the State in droves.  If these policies are so great, people would be clamoring to move to the State known as “The Golden State,” instead of turning it into “The Exodus State.”

Hogg is looking to make a name for himself, regardless of the cost to anyone else, particularly law-abiding citizens, probably in hopes of gaining a position with a news organization supporting his political persuasion.  His ego and narcissism fuels his fire to seek attention;  yet, he refuses to engage in civilized debate over any of the communist, socialist, Marxist policies/unconstitutional legislation he promotes.  He classifies himself as an “expert” on anti-constitutional topics, particularly gun confiscation, simply by attending a high school that suffered a mass shooting incident without his life ever being in danger and receiving information from anti-constitutional individuals without engaging in his own research.  It’s typical teenage behavior.  And, any “adult” who would follow this uninformed, ignorant, socially challenged, narcissistic, teenage egotist isn’t really an adult but a drone needing someone to think for him or her.

It’s past time for Hogg to be removed from the limelight.  After all, that spring pig will see the fall because the spider lamestream enemedia thinks he is “some pig.”

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Suzanne Hamner.

The Washington Standard

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