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Dean Obeidallah and Aziz Ansari Are Stoking the Flames of Hate

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More Muslim supremacists issuing kill lists to their violent brethren.

The wildly unfunny Muslim “comedian” Dean Obeidallah has penned yet another hate screed in Mediaite: “Why Aziz Ansari’s Op-Ed Slamming Trump’s Anti- Muslim BS Matters.”

In it, he writes: “Donald Trump is right: He’s a ‘uniter.’ But when I say that, I’m pretty sure it’s not in the way Trump intended it. What I mean is that Trump has somehow brought together Muslim Americans of all backgrounds – from those who barley identify as Muslim to those who are very devout – all with the common purpose of stopping Trump.”

This is yet more dissembling and deception from Obeidellah. Trump hasn’t unified Muslims. The Qur’an unifies Muslims. Muhammad unifies Muslims.

But Obeidallah charges on, counterfactually: “And now we can add comedian/actor Aziz Ansari to the list as another person Trump has inspired to counter his anti-Muslim hate. Ansari penned a powerful and moving op-ed for The New York Times on Friday titled, ‘Why Trump Makes Me Scared for My Family.’”

Ansari is scared for his family? Scared of Donald Trump? Why isn’t he scared of the Islamic texts and teachings that teach such vicious hatred and incitement to murder?

“Ansari,” Obeidallah tells us, “opened his article by sharing the text message he sent to his Muslim parents about going to mosque to pray shortly after the Orlando attack, ‘DON’T go anywhere near a mosque. Do all your prayer at home. O.K.?’”

Why? Mosques are not attacked the same way that jihadists attack gay clubsoffice parties, and military recruitment centers (though occasionally you may see a case of attempted mosque arson where the suspect is himself a Muslim), but the ideology that is taught at various mosques has incited Muslims to murder and mayhem. What hogwash Ansari and Obeidallah are purveying.

Obeidallah goes on: “Ansari continued by explaining that due to ‘Trump and others like him spewing hate speech, prejudice is reaching new levels. It’s visceral, and scary, and it affects how people live, work and pray.’ He added movingly, ‘It makes me afraid for my family.’”

Even in the wake of jihad slaughter, Muslim apologists play the victim.

Obeidallah continues: “What makes this op-ed even more significant is that Ansari, who has over ten million followers on Twitter and is the star of Netflix’s ‘Master of None,’ barley [sic] has any personal connection to Islam beyond his parents. He noted as much as in his article, writing, ‘I myself am not a religious person.’ (In fact a 2010 New York Times article noted Ansari was an atheist.) But Trump has brought the Muslim out of Ansari.”

This proves yet again the correctness of all that I have said over the years about Islam. Instead of siding with the victims and speaking candidly about the jihad doctrine and what is wrong in Islam, Ansari lapses into de facto devout mode.

Obeidallah keeps piling the victimhood nonsense higher: “The presumptive GOP nominee’s rhetoric stoking the flames of hate against Muslims. From his proposed Muslim ban to saying ‘Islam hates us’ to fabricating a story that ‘thousands’ of Muslims cheered in New Jersey after 9/11, all caused Ansari to stand up for not just his parents but for Muslims across America as well. And Ansari is not the only famous Muslim who has started speaking out more publicly about their connection to Islam and countering Trump’s hate.”

Obeidallah goes on to say that Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Dave Chappelle are two other Muslims who have called out Trump. But where are the prominent Muslims who are calling out the Muslim world over jihad terror? Where are the prominent Muslim voices urging that the Qur’an be expunged of the texts and teachings that incite believers to jihad?

Heedless of this, Obeidallah says: “Harvey Milk famously urged members of the LGBT community in the late 1970’s to come out of the closet to their fellow Americans. Why? Simple. Milk’s hope was that by people meeting and getting to know a gay person, it would ‘break down the myths. Destroy the lies and distortions.’ Milk added poignantly, do this ‘for your sake. And for their sake.’”

Ah, now, that’s rich, and illustrative of the contempt many Muslims have of the ignorant kuffar: evoking a gay rights leader when gays are slaughtered systematically under Islamic law. Gays are persecuted, oppressed, and executed in Muslim countries under the sharia.

Obeidallah says that Ansari’s article is “a great step for young Muslim Americans who are being bullied in school in record numbers and often feel alone. Seeing a celebrity popular with younger people defending Muslims and mentioning a connection to the faith can make a real difference. (Your turn Zayn Malik!)”

He concludes: “Now I’m really hoping Trump has the guts to respond to Ansari’s article via Twitter. Nothing would be more fun than to watch an Ansari -Trump Twitter fight. I can assure you that Ansari would destroy Donald Trump.”

Yes, because that’s what we keep seeing Muslims do. Destroy.

Article reposted with permission from PamelaGeller.com

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