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Delaware Unconstitutionally Bans Bump Stocks While Pushing For Ban Of Semi-Automatic Weapons

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I’m just about to the point of starting up some videos to where I can just rant about some of these unlawful pieces of legislation that cities, counties, states and the federal government introduce and pass off as “law,” when the reality is that they are lawless.  The latest evidence comes to us from the State of Delaware where Governor John Carney and Communist Democrats conspired together to ban bump stocks.

That’s right, they banned pieces of plastic! But that’s not all.  The Democrats in Delaware are also seeking to ban scary looking semi-automatic weapons they call “assault weapons” despite the fact that the Senate Judicial and Community Affairs Committee rejected their proposal.

First, consider that HB300, the bump stock bill, was signed by Governor Carney, but understand, it was not just the Democrats that voted for the unlawful bill, but Republicans as well.  Only two votes were against it.

“By signing this bill into law, we are saying that there is no place in Delaware for bump stocks and other devices that are used to increase the rate of fire of semiautomatic weapons, making these weapons even more potentially deadly,” said Carney in a signing ceremony.

What about your fingers Governor Carney?  If someone can pull the trigger faster to increase the rate of fire, doesn’t that defy your logic?  Or what about the way a person holds and fires their weapon?  (See below).

Buying, possessing or selling a bump stock or trigger crank in the state of Delaware can now be punished with up to a five year prison sentence.

Now, frankly, I’m opposed to the prison system, but locking someone up for five years for buying, possessing or selling a piece of plastic is absolutely ridiculous.

Guns.com reports:

The country’s latest state ban on bump stocks would make it a Class E felony to sell, transfer or buy such a newly banned accessory or trigger crank in Delaware under threat of a $5,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison. Simple possession would be a misdemeanor for the first offense, stepping up to a felony charge for any subsequent.

While there is no avenue for legal ownership, the law is one of the few to authorize compensation for owners of current devices. Those with the now-restricted devices can receive $100 per stock or $15 per crank through a process coordinated between local law enforcement and the Delaware Department of Safety and Homeland Security. A one year window, stretching until June 30, 2019, will be open to legally surrender devices currently circulating in the state.

While at least seven states have banned bump stocks and assorted other devices since their use in the Route 91 Harvest shooting last October in Las Vegas that left 58 dead and some 850 others injured, only Washington has offered to compensate owners for surrendered accessories at a price of $150 per stock. For reference, before the company stopped taking orders last month, bump stock maker Slide Fire sold such stocks for $179-$329.

Both Florida and Maryland are facing federal lawsuits over their respective bump stock bans, with each holding that mandatory surrender of devices without any compensation violates the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment.

What’s even more ridiculous is that these criminal bureaucrats don’t even realize you can bump fire without a bump stock!

Take a look.

Why aren’t they banning fingers and beltloops?  I’ll tell you why, because ultimately, they are after the guns themselves.  When the next mass shooting occurs that may involve a bump stock, they will declare, “Well, we tried, see?  We banned bump stocks.  We’re just gonna have to ban the semi-automatic guns too.”

And lo and behold they are already doing just that.

SB163 is still being kept alive by these Communists in Delaware.

Senator Bryan Townsend (D-Newark) sponsored the bill and told a gathering of other gun confiscators, “It would be an affront to democracy if legislation like this … doesn’t even have a chance to have a vote on the floor of the Senate.”

Well, it’s a good thing we aren’t a democracy!  We’re republic Senator!  I’ll be Senator Townsend has applauded other bills that he opposed not making it out of committee too.

Still, Senate President Pro Tempore David McBride said after the 11-10 split vote that he would attempt to suspend the rules and hold a floor vote on the measure.  Why?  So you don’t look like you’re a bad guy?  Lead!  Stop caving to the lawless!

Sen. Greg Lavelle (R-Sharpley) believes it would violate the state constitution, and he’s right.

Delaware Online reports:

At the rally, Townsend called Lavelle’s constitutional argument against the assault weapons ban “dubious,” and said Democrats during the upcoming election season will draw voters’ attention to his stance on the bill

Lavelle said his constitutional concerns were derived from conversations with Wilmington attorney Francis Pileggi, “a lawyer who has won two cases around gun rights in the Delaware State Supreme Court.”

“Delaware’s constitution is much broader than the Second Amendment,” he said. “It talks about hunting, enjoyment, and safety.”

For Democrats, Lavelle said, the assault weapons bill is a “political issue, not a public safety issue.”

“This isn’t an assault weapons ban, by the way. This makes two classes of citizens,” he said. “Those who own them and can continue to own them and those who can’t.”

That’s all these “gun control laws” are.  They will not ensure public safety one bit, but they are used as a political agenda to infringe on the rights of the people they swore an oath to serve faithfully and lawfully.

Where are the real men of Delaware who will stand up against these criminals who have been elected to office?

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

The Washington Standard

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