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Democrat Policies are the Oppressor of Minorities

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So here we are again, riots in North Carolina and another shooting of an unarmed black man in Tulsa. Already, Black Lives Matter protestors are gathering in Oklahoma awaiting their opportunity to riot and disrupt the lives of ordinary people based on the precepts of white privilege and America’s systematic oppression of minorities. I was a social work student for five years and nearly completed a master’s degree program except for the fact that I stood in direct opposition to the white privilege narrative. As I described in my book Not on My watch, I was literally told that I was not a good fit for the social work program because I wouldn’t submit to the white privilege ideology and-because I didn’t believe in social justice.  I was told that the whole program revolved around these concepts and that most social workers were in fact, politically to the left.  They have been teaching this narrative for years and truthfully, the only thing it has accomplished was reducing a portion of the American population to nothing but dependents on big government, which of course if you are familiar with the Cloward Piven strategy, this is the goal.
The Democrats have for years posed as champions of America’s alleged “oppressed minorities.” Their policies however, do little more than contribute to the oppression that they claim to be fighting against. In 2012, Northwestern University professor Aldon Morris noted that black people were disappointed in Obama because they felt he really wasn’t addressing the issue of racial inequality and poverty. He pointed out the facts that black unemployment was higher than it had been in years and that crime in inner city minority communities was rising drastically. These were things that President Obama was expected to rectify as Americas first black president. President Obama did address these issues; however, instead of handling them like an American president by creating policies that would enable people to find work and become independent productive citizens, he went about the work of being a community organizer and stirred up hate and discontent. It is almost as if he had a plan to plant the seeds of revolution by pushing the narrative that minorities in America are oppressed victims.
The last thing I want to do is give the impression that I believe in any stereotype when it comes to minorities. There is however, a stark contrast between the way the Democratic Left and Conservatives view the issue. Personally, I happen to believe that black people are just as capable as white people and that there isn’t a need for programs like affirmative action. There may have legitimately been a need for it at one time, but that time has passed. The left on the other hand, insists that there is a need for such a program because they believe that black people would not be able to survive without their help. If that wasn’t the case, then why do they insist on programs like affirmative action? Think about it a moment, under a program like affirmative action a major university or place of employment is forced to hire so many minorities based on test scores or other performance aptitudes. The end result of this could actually see a lesser qualified black person being hired or enrolled over a more qualified individual simply because the institution is being forced to meet a quota. How is that not a form of systematic oppression to those individuals who put forth a great deal of effort to accomplish a goal?
As I wrote in my article “Psychiatry: The True Origins of Racism,” the prevailing attitude that blacks needed continual government support stems from the left wing field of Psychiatry. According to Benjamin Rush, father of modern day Psychiatry, black people suffered from a disease similar to leprosy called Negritude. This so called disease was actually based on the premise of the color of their skin and he believed the only cure was to turn their skin white. He also believed that because of Negritude, black people were entitled to live off of white people because Negritude was a debilitating disease. If you look at the prevailing attitude of the left today, they believe that America systematically oppresses black people and that they should be entitled to the fruits of societies labor. This has done nothing but destroy the free will of generations of people while simultaneously reinforcing a negative stereotype that the left claims to be fighting against. After decades of welfare dependence, forced upon inner city communities under programs like Lyndon Johnsons “Great Society,” many black people truly view the United States as a place of oppression where they never can seem to get a hand up. This makes them willing and ready recruits for Obama’s revolution.
Race relations had come a long way in America; however, the newly formed communist front group, Black Lives Matter, brought to us by Obama, Sharpton and George Soros, is doing little but creating a fear in the minds of Americans when it comes to young black men.  For five years I listened to radical left wing professors teach young gullible students that blacks in America were discriminated against because white people were scared when they realized a young black male was approaching them. So, their answer to this is starting riots and killing cops? Think about what it must be like to be a police officer now. Black men are engaging in a literal war against the police based on the precepts of a false narrative and at the same time expecting society to not view them through the lens of a negative stereotype.
This is the sheer genius of the communist left. They have initiated a firestorm that will worsen exponentially because a primal fear is being driven into the public consciousness, and the divisive rhetoric is leading to a society that trusts no one and suspects everyone. The young female police officer in Tulsa certainly reacted the wrong way; however, in her mind is the idea that this guy in front of her could be part of the group murdering police officers. Perhaps Black Lives Matter should consider how their actions are contributing to the reactionary behavior that is seeing innocent people killed needlessly by police. Perhaps police officers should also consider the same. Either way, we have some serious reflecting to do because as it stands now, the narrative and direction of the country are being controlled by people who create the problem and then offer the solution. The Democrats have purposefully kept black people impoverished so as to use them for votes and when necessary, a rent a mob.  The hateful rhetoric is purposefully being implanted in the minds of an already angry population and in the background sits a master community organizer taking advantage of it all for his own political aspirations. That my friends, represents the real oppression of black Americans.

Article by David Risselada

The Washington Standard

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