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Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen: If We Don’t Impeach Trump, We’ll Have Blood On Our Hands

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Remember when the media kept insisting that Palin’s map was a death threat? Nothing to see here. Though. Right?

Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., stunningly claimed on CNN that people will die if President Trump is not impeached.

Rep. Cohen, who sits on one of the main House committees charged with investigating the president and his administration.  Cohen told CNN on Thursday that Democrats had a “moral imperative” to impeach the president.

“I think impeachment proceedings will help see that he is beaten but that’s not the reason to do it – I think we have a moral imperative to bring those charges in the House and stand up and do its responsibility, even if the Senate won’t. I think we’ll see blood on our hands,” he said.

He added that Trump would get into a war to “improve his standing and to make him feel like he’s a man,” which would lead to the deaths of American soldiers.


Once you start using language like “blood on our hands”, you’re raising the stakes and justifying potential violence.

Rep. Cohen is talking in terms of having to stop President Trump before blood is spilled. It’s a short way from there to arguing that Trump has to be stopped by any means necessary. If impeachment doesn’t work, can assassination be justified to save lives?

This isn’t a legal argument for impeachment. It’s a call for destroying your political opponents at any cost.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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