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Democrat Representative: The Word “Illegal” is “Racist”!

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This would all be so funny, if it wasn’t just so absurd. The Democrat Party has spent the last decade or so collapsing into a pile of mushy fascism. Today, the possibilities are endless, literally anything could be banned, blamed, or decried at any moment, if it happens to upset the right person.

The latest example of the insanity comes to us from the liberal gulag that is New York, where a Democrat lawmaker just reprimanded a Republican colleague for using the term “illegal immigrant.”

Yes, according to Democrat Phil Ramos (D-NY), the very word illegal, in and of itself, is RACIST. The news of the word’s suddenly evil origin was broken during a debate Ramos was having about the DREAM Act with Republican Steve McLaughlin (R-NY). After Ramos’ assertion that opposition to the DREAM Act was racist, McLaughlin wondered how that could possibly be, considering the fact that the opposition to illegal immigration was being applied to people of every race, creed, and color.

Ramos replied by asking about which group was migrating to the USA in the largest numbers. When McLaughlin asked if he was speaking of “illegal immigrants,” Ramos informed him that he shouldn’t use such racist language. “You use what I consider a racist word, I don’t use the word illegal,” Ramos explained before then adding that he prefers the term “undocumented.” An obviously frustrated McLaughlin, who likely wondered when exactly he had entered the Twilight Zone, responded by asking Ramos if the undocumented person was in this country “illegally?”

The entire debate was as frustrating to watch as it must have been for McLaughlin to participate in. Ramos’ arguments are so quickly disproven and dismissed, and yet, the man seemed tireless in his efforts to continue on, no matter how illogical his position. The entire scene was a lesson in dealing with the mentally deranged liberals in America today. You can win the debate, you can destroy their argument, you can even prove them wrong… and it just doesn’t matter.

The Washington Standard

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