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Democrats Cook Up New Plan to Dump Old Joe Next Week, but There’s a BIG Catch

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Whoever is running the country thought they had it all figured out: they’d install seemingly affable Old Joe Biden in the Oval Office, where he would present a reassuring figure to the American people while compliantly taking orders from the wreckers, traitors, saboteurs, and Marxists behind the scenes. It was all working fairly well if a great nation in steep and self-inflicted decline is your idea of working well until the figurehead’s dementia became impossible to ignore or explain away.

Now the political and media elites are casting about desperately for a way out of this problem they’ve made for themselves: how can they dump Old Joe without admitting that they’re deceiving the public about his competence? They’ve got to convince him to resign, and that’s the new plan. But it won’t be easy.

The Washington Examiner reported Sunday that two influential Democrat strategists, Rosa Brooks, a professor at Georgetown Law, and Ted Dintersmith, a “venture capitalist and education philanthropist,” have come up with a scheme that they think “can unite the party around a new presidential nominee for the August Democratic National Convention in Chicago.” That’s a tall order, and it gets even taller when one examines the details.

That’s because this scheme kicks off with the idea of Old Joe Biden “selflessly stepping down by mid-July in a ‘speech for the ages.’” That presents two massive obstacles right off the bat. One is that it was only last Friday that Biden, who has been feeding at the public trough for six decades, defiantly told establishment propagandist George Stephanopoulos that “if the Lord Almighty came down and said, ‘Joe, get out of the race,’ I’d get out of the race. The Lord Almighty’s not coming down.”

Biden has repeatedly declared his determination to remain in the White House until he is 86 years old and the last shreds of his short-term memory and ability to articulate coherent sentences are long gone. Those who are running things may have other plans, but the idea that Old Joe is going to retire gracefully and head back to Delaware to enjoy all his ill-gotten loot seems fanciful in the extreme.

Then there’s the added problem of that “speech for the ages.” Who is going to deliver that? Are we going to get an AI Biden to deliver some Lincolnesque wisdom as he departs from the scene, Cincinnatus-like, selflessly relinquishing power for the sake of “our democracy”? One thing is certain: if anyone in the entire universe today is not capable of delivering a “speech for the ages,” it’s Joe Biden. Will the elites settle for some mush-mouthed ranting, teleprompter gaffes, and self-aggrandizing lies? Then Old Joe is their man. Otherwise, their moment of Churchillian grandeur in the twilight is just a pipe dream.

But assuming they get as far as convincing Old Joe to go quietly and with a modicum of dignity, the rest of the scenario would play out this way. The Cackler would “support his decision and back a blitz primary process, where candidates such as Harris make their pitch to voters as to why they should be the party’s nominee. The five to eight candidates with the most votes would pledge to run ‘positive-only’ campaigns in the five or so weeks before the Democratic National Convention.”

That “positive only” stipulation is a piquant detail. Michelle Obama has repeatedly insisted that she has no interest in running for president, while leftists persist in fantasizing about her being the savior of the nation from Bad Orange Man. It has been suggested that one reason for her hesitation has been that she doesn’t want to endure attacks from her fellow Democrats during the selection process. Is the idea of a “positive only” rule an invitation for the sainted Michelle to enter the race? The possibility certainly cannot be ruled out.

The Democrats who cooked up this scheme and the Examiner in promoting it are still hoping that there can be a smooth transition from Old Joe to whomever and whatever comes after him and that they can retain and solidify their hegemony in November rather than starting to figure out ways to impeach Trump for a third time. The only problem is that Biden, and Doctor Jill, seem determined to keep their Pennsylvania Avenue address for four more years. Grab some popcorn.

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

The Washington Standard

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