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Democrats Push For Violation Of First Amendment… Against The President

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Democrat presidential candidate and well-known liar, Kamala Harris wants President Donald Trump’s account on Twitter suspended.  By suspending his account during times of accusations and impeachment rhetoric, the democrat would be actively censoring a sitting president.

Is this the “democracy” democrats are constantly blathering on about? Harris has officially asked Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorset to censor the president of the United States.

According to CNBC, in a letter to Twitter’s CEO, Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris says Trump has violated the company’s anti-bullying policies and Twitter should consider suspending his account.

Harris also says that Trump has attempted to “target” and “harass” the whistleblower who filed a complaint on the president’s July 25 call with the president of Ukraine.

But unmasking and harassing whistleblowers is fine, as long as it’s a democrat whos doing it.

Harris infamously claimed she had smoked marijuana in college while listening to Snoop Dog and Tupac years before either made music.

While the liberal media desperately wants you to forget this because Harris chose the D to put behind her name,  we think it’s necessary to know the content of the character that we are dealing with.

It’s also ironic and quite hypocritical that Harris is saying Trump is “bullying” a whistleblower with Tweets as she attempts to bully a private company into censoring a sitting president.

It would be funny if the entire state of the government wasn’t little more than a bad joke at this point.

Besides, doesn’t’ Trump know by now that only democrat propaganda will be allowed on social media platforms?

A White House spokesperson told CNBC in an emailed statement, “It is not surprising that Kamala Harris, someone who believes in bigger government and more regulation, would like to silence her political opponents. In fact, it’s rather authoritarian of her. President Trump’s use of technology to communicate directly with the American people and share his Administration’s unprecedented accomplishments should be praised, not criticized.”

The Washington Standard

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