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Deplorable: RINO Lindsey Graham “Jokes” about Killing Ted Cruz

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One of the leading RINOs in the Republican Party, South Carolina’s senior Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), recently made a terrible joke about a colleague of his.

Senator Grahamnesty, um, I mean Graham, was speaking at the Washington Press Club Foundation Dinner when he decided to entertain the DC media elite with his own special, moronic brand of “comedy.”

First, he called the GOP “batsh*t crazy.” Then he mockingly joked that a “good Republican” should defend Ted Cruz , but then added that he wouldn’t be doing it. Instead, Graham unleashed what may have been the most inappropriate joke about Cruz that he could saying, “If you kill Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate and the trial was in the Senate, nobody could convict you.” While the DC media seemed to love the humor, it sure fell flat out here in flyover country.

Graham’s bad jokes didn’t stop there he also mocked Cruz’s Canadian birth, Dr. Ben Carson’s childhood story of stabbing a friend, Marco Rubio flip-flopping political positions and warned that if Donald Trump were elected President women would lose the right to vote.

Now most of his jokes really weren’t that bad, and they fell well inside the pale of conversation, however in the wake of his Cruz murder comment, it was tough to focus on the other things that he was saying. We know that Graham (and many others in the Senate) is no fan of Ted Cruz. What is so frustrating is that Graham and the rest of the GOP establishment leaders don’t seem to realize that Cruz’s reputation in the Senate is one of the reasons we like him so much out here! We don’t want our candidates to continue, “going along to get along.” We want our representatives fighting for the things that we believe! We want our leaders to cut taxes, lower spending, eliminate overbearing regulations and stop getting involved in our daily lives. Ted Cruz is about all of these things, while the GOP establishment keeps working with the Democrats and doing the exact opposite of what we want to see happen.

So Graham’s got his jokes. Who cares? Nobody likes him anyway, as his recent FAILED presidential campaign proves.

Oh, by the way, Graham also tried to jinx the Trump campaign by jokingly endorsing him. This was a little funny…

Article reposted with permission from Eagle Rising.

The Washington Standard

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