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DHS: We Released Tens Of Thousands Of Illegals Into The US Without Testing Them For Diseases

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On the heels of the Trump administration continuing to do what the Obama administration did with catch and release of illegal immigrants into the interior of the US, Homeland Security is now announcing that many of those illegals not only are getting work permits, but they didn’t even test them for diseases before releasing them into the population.

In written testimony to the Senate Jucidiary Committee this past week, Acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kevin McAleenan admitted to not only releasing nearly 200,000 illegal immigrants into the US population and giving many of them work permits, but also said that many of the illegal alien invaders had not been tested for diseases before being released.

“The public health risk — family units are released into our communities with unknown vaccination status and without a standard medical examination for communicable diseases of public health concern, as well as a public health risk of disease outbreak at processing facilities,” wrote McAleenan.

Breitbart adds:

Since December 2018, DHS has released nearly 205,000 border crossers and illegal aliens into the interior of the U.S. — the overwhelming majority of which will never be deported. More than 1,000 border crossers and illegal aliens every day have been released into the country by DHS over the last half year.

Namely, border crossers and illegal aliens are being dropped off primarily in four American communities: San Diego, California, Phoenix, Arizona, El Paso, Texas, and San Antonio, Texas.

Mass illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border poses a public health risk to Americans. Breitbart News’ Penny Star reported in March of the nearly 2,300 border crossers with diseases, like the mumps, in federal custody who had been quarantined.

In March, federal immigration officials said they were referring, on average, about 55border crossers and illegal aliens per day to hospitals in the U.S. At this rate, a total of 31,000 border crossers this year could be referred to American hospitals — a nearly 160 percent increase in hospital refers compared to 2018 totals.

Every year, American taxpayers are forced to subsidize the medical and hospital costs of border crossers and illegal aliens in federal custody to the sum of about a quarter of a billion dollars, as Breitbart News reported. This cost does not include the cost of illegal aliens and their U.S.-born children living throughout the U.S. Separately, these illegal aliens and their children cost the American taxpayer more than $17 billion a year in medical expenses, according to research by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

This has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans or Congress specifically.  It has everything to do with those who are to “ensure the laws are faithfully executed” not executing them.

As I reported earlier, this is not the usurper’s administration doing this:

At the end of May, during a hearing before the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kevin McAleenan said DHS is releasing “100 percent” of adult border crossers into the interior of the country who arrive with children at the southern border, including those who are not even asking for asylum.

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McAleenan confirmed the mass catch and release effort in an exchange with Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH):

PORTMAN: So, what percent of those families who come up to the border and, again, approach your officer, ask for asylum, are being released into the community within days?

MCALEENAN: 100 percent.

PORTMAN: 100 percent?

MCALEENAN: Yeah, and they’re not necessarily asking for asylum. They–they don’t–they don’t have to. They can go into an immigration proceeding and not have to present that case for potentially years.

PORTMAN: And when they go into the community, you say can take a while. It’s over two years in Ohio, you should know, before we can have a court hearing. So, it’s over a two-year period. What’s the average around the country, do you know?

MCALEENAN: The average is around two years, and in some jurisdictions even longer.…

PORTMAN: And during that time period, can those individuals work?

MCALEENAN: Yes, by and large, although we’re–we’re looking at–at tightening the–the rules so that there is not an opportunity to take advantage of the system.

PORTMAN: So, they have a work permit. My understanding is they don’t get the work permit immediately but after a certain period of time. Is it six weeks?

MCALEENAN: It’s in … the 30 to 90 days range, that’s correct.

PORTMAN: And those individuals then … are going to work. So, if you are a trafficker, what you’re telling people is, one, if you come to the border … and seek asylum, or even if you’re coming to the border … and seeking an immigration hearing, you’ll be released into the community for a couple of years at least before your hearing, and you’ll have the ability to work. And with the wage differential of, you know, being able to make 10 times as much or sometimes as much as 20 times as much in the United States…

How long, America, are you going to allow the two party system to destroy your country, a “great evil” that our founding fathers spoke about?

It’s high time we demand justice against those who claim to represent us yet, cast off the restraints of the Constitution for our sakes and that of our posterity.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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