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Do Rules Not Apply To Beltway Elites?

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In some denominations of Reformed Christianity, concepts such as predestination and election are among the core doctrines, Calvinism being among the most recognizable of these. In the Old Testament, the term “elect” is applied to the Israelites in reference to their status as the chosen people of God, but in branches of certain post-Reformation denominations, this term took on new meaning.

Some denominational and church doctrines have been watered-down over the centuries, but in 16th-century Calvinism, predestination and election were understood as meaning that the “elect” were individuals within the denomination who had been chosen (predestined) to go to heaven. Strangely enough, merely being a Calvinist did not guarantee that one was going to be a member of the elect. Only God knew the answer to that question, although being a Calvinist and assiduously adhering to the requisite doctrine was generally considered a good indicator that one was indeed among the elect.

One can see how this perception might lead to all manner of questionable behavior among those who considered themselves among the elect. Some unscrupulous Calvinists (and those adhering to similar creeds) came to believe that they could do no wrong; their actions could not be questioned nor scrutinized because God had already smiled upon them, and He wouldn’t have done that had they not been worthy.

As one may have surmised by now, this is precisely the sort of attitude evidenced by Washington Beltway elites, Deep-Staters and the shadowy power players who support and subsidize them. They are the unassailable and infallible elect, and their socialistic vision for America (and the West, if not the entire globe) is the way things were meant to be, because they said so.

It is an entirely self-serving proposition, but that is always the way with tyrants.

As we have become painfully aware in recent years, this vision transcends political parties; there are nearly as many dedicated progressives (read socialists) in influential positions in the Republican Party as the Democratic Party.

As reported by WND on July 22, former President Barack Obama once again stated that he was from the nation of Kenya during a visit there last week. As we know, this was a point of great contention when he was president, giving rise to countless news pieces, commentaries, media discussions and even books since, according to the Constitution, only a natural born citizen may serve as president of the United States.

When he decided to run for president, Obama abruptly switched gears, claiming that he had been born in Hawaii, despite having no proof of this whatsoever, and having previously capitalized on his Kenyan birth throughout his political and dubious publishing career. In April 2011, the White House posted what it advertised as an official copy of Obama’s original Certificate of Live Birth (or long-form birth certificate), certified by the Hawaii Department of Health.

This document was quickly determined to be a forgery by investigative agencies and even a few private citizens, and it was a very sloppy forgery. Some of the most damning physical evidence was first featured right here on WND.

The health official who verified the authenticity of the birth certificate died under extremely suspicious circumstances in a small plane crash in 2013. No action was ever taken on the birth certificate issue, however, nor did any of Obama’s political opponents in the GOP ever push the point.

I’m not here to breathe new life into the birth certificate controversy, or the question of whether or not Obama was eligible to hold the office of president. What I’d like to point out is yet another instance of cavalier and brazen elitism on the part of a member of the political class. Apparently, now that Obama is no longer president, it doesn’t matter to him how many more people know that he was never eligible to hold the office than were aware of it in 2011.

Examples of political elites in America demonstrating that the rules do not apply to them are legion, even if one only takes the last few years into account – and it’s getting worse.

The aggregate of Barack Obama’s actions while president and the failure of Republicans to act against the abject criminality of his administration gave rise to the revelation of the Deep State’s existence – and ultimately the candidacy of Donald Trump. That said, Obama’s lack of concern for whether or not people come to believe he’s a native Kenyan is actually a milder example of this imperious arrogance. Political heavies who engage in serial sexual misconduct, advocate violence against their opponents and amass vast fortunes by proxy through loopholes for which they’ve legislated and sweetheart business deals for family members are far more troubling.

Like I’ve said before: As with the “Reagan Revolution” of the 1980s, it will matter little what political and economic strides President Trump makes if Beltway elites are allowed to carry on with this obscene status quo. We will fare even worse if they manage to hoodwink Americans into electing yet another establishment operative to the presidency in 2020 or 2024.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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