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Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s Racist High School Yearbooks

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In a final republishing of a series of articles on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s High School Yearbooks, which were scrubbed from the internet via Google’s blogspot Cult of the 1st Amendment, the unknown author demonstrated the racist nature of yearbook, possibly something that the school sought to avoid just as much as they did the binge drinking and promiscuity that was laden throughout the yearbook, as well as a motor vehicle accident that could have turned deadly.  The following article was originally titled, “Christine Blasey Ford’s Racist High School Yearbooks: Part 2.”

My previous report documented the privileged culture of racism, minor-age binge drinking and rampant promiscuity published within the Holton Arms yearbooks. This report will focus specifically on newly revealed racist images.
The few black girls who attended Christine Blasey Ford’s elite all-girls private school in Maryland – Holton-Arms – are the victims of steganographic racial abuse encoded in the yearbooks. Steganography is the art of using images to hide secret messages from the uninitiated. And there are many hidden messages inside the pages of the 1982 -1984 editions of Scribe. And there are some clever esoteric initiates doing the hiding.
The racism on display in these yearbooks is much more troubling than typical straight up in your face racism. At least you know who your enemies are with that. But the racism on display here is far more insidious. Holton-Arms specializes in a mutant strain of racism designed as an inside joke. It’s not supposed to be detectable just skimming through the pages. Taken in isolation, each example does not stand out. The images blend in and appear, at first glance, not to contain poison.
The intended audience for these yearbooks is basically just the girls who are in them, the feckless faculty and their complicit parents. Most reading this now were never supposed to see inside these pages. There was no internet in 1984. Oops.  
This arrogant strain of intellectual racism was designed to avoid detection by Holton’s inferior subjects, so that the white female royalty could both, exhibit, and disguise, their faith in racial superiority. I will prove this to you below, but first a word on redactions. I have removed them. Except for the last names of victims.
Why have I removed the redactions? Two reasons. First, un-redacted text-only, copies were located in the Google cache by other researchers who made them public. And all of the names were revealed then.
Second, I had hoped that either, a Holton-Arms official, or one of the girls involved, would have issued an apology regarding the two previous examples of racism in my last report. Instead, they circled the Holton wagons and said nothing. That’s why this follow up became necessary. Holton-Arms must be exposed and brought to their knees in shame before the entire nation.
1. The first image above shows a black girl getting punched in the face by two white classmates, as a third looks on laughing from behind. (Scribe 83, pg. 61.)  Read the caption:
“Gotcha – Maybe Nat should stick to dribbling”
Let’s unpack that. The white girls gleefully punching the black girl are giving her some advice in the caption, “Maybe Nat should stick to dribbling.” The message is clear. Nat is not one of them. Nat should stick to basketball is the obvious message. It’s a typical cliché, but there are other more sinister implications lurking beneath the surface. “Dribbling idiot” comes to mind.
Maybe you’re thinking that I’m unfairly taking the image out of context. We weren’t there. We don’t know the jokes. I get that. But having read all three yearbooks cover to cover many times now, I assure you that there are few feature pictures of black girls in the pages. Of the few that remain, most contain poison.
This image was taken from Scribe 83, Christine Blasey Ford’s junior year at Holton-Arms. There were only 73 girls in the Class of ‘83. Only three of them were black.
You might think the yearbook staff would be sensitive to the accomplishments of these black girls, trying to succeed and fit in where they are so racially outnumbered. But when the black girls are actually featured in pictures, a disturbing pattern comes into focus as we collage these images. Therefore, I will ask you to please suspend your verdict until the end of the report.
2. The image below shows a very black beautiful girl at the Holton-Arms ball with her date. But they aren’t smiling. Why are they not smiling? Read the caption:
“Tania asks Victor – How can anyone dance with pants around his ankles?”
But Tania and Victor are not the ones making the joke. They are not in on the joke. If they were in on the joke, they would be laughing in the picture. Tania and Victor are looking directly at the same thing. And they do not look happy. Why?
Because they are the intended butt of this joke, and the butt is literally in their faces. The unseen male with his pants around his ankles is not dancing. If there were a drunken idiot dancing with his pants down, it would be hilarious, and everyone would be laughing. But they aren’t laughing. No. Tania and Victor have a serious look of concern on their faces. Why?
Because the unseen male is mooning them, and his white ass is in their face. They are staring right at it. I don’t mean to imply that there was a real person with hi pants down just off camera. That’s not what this is. The joke in the caption is a nasty double entendre. It mocks them twice. The captioned image implies that they are being mooned, and it also implies that they are too stupid to even realize what’s happening to them. Tania and Victor think the ass is dancing. The imaginary male is not dancing. He’s sticking his buttocks/genitals in their face. That’s the joke, and they don’t realize they are being mooned. That’s the caption.
If you would like to defend the yearbook staff, please consider their choices. With so few images of black girls in the pages of Holton-Arms yearbooks, was this image truly necessary? Did they not have anything more flattering on hand? That girls is gorgeous. I’m sure they had plenty of beautiful images to use.
Did they purposefully choose this demeaning photo/caption? There are no other photos of girls staring at a naked man’s ass in any of the yearbooks. It’s hard to believe if you read my previous report. I know. But it’s true. That particular honor was reserved for these two black people. When Tania looks back on her high school years at Holton, she gets white ass in her face. That’s the joke. That’s steganography. That’s Holton culture.
3. Now we revisit an un-redacted example from my last report. This is pg. 150 in Scribe 84, Blasey’s senior yearbook:
 In the top left corner, we see a pretty smiling black girl with an afro. The caption below recalls a party as follows:
“Laurie Shiffman came as an uncanny Buckwheat, although she washed the makeup and afro before the guys showed up.”
That caption was placed directly beneath the black girl’s photo on purpose. It’s not a coincidence. It’s not an oversight. It was intended. And the caption pulls a very subtle word trick. Read the full passage now:
“At Cheryl’s multi-class party we had the pleasure of looking stupid in front of male company. Laurie Shiffman came as an uncanny Buckwheat, although she washed the makeup and afro before the guys showed up.”
At first glance, the caption implies that the other girls were embarrassed by what Laurie did. The stunt made them look stupid in front of male company. It’s almost like they are calling Laurie out for it, right? Wrong.
Read it again carefully. It wasn’t the racist stunt by Laurie showing up in black face and a fake afro that made the girls look stupid in front of male company. It says that Laurie washed the black face and afro off before the guys showed up. So there is no reprimand of Laurie in the yearbook. The caption actually compliments Laurie, stating that her Buckwheat impression was “uncanny”.
That is truly nasty. They humiliate the black girl, and then they craft a caption that makes them appear to have humility. Appear being the key word. These girls don’t believe in humility. Their creed is humiliation. And they are professionals at it. Just ask Brett Kavanaugh.
Here’s a picture of the Buckwheat girl from Scribe 84:
4. Below is an image from pages 148-149, Scribe 83. This example requires analysis of the top caption, “and be one of us”. (The bottom caption is also relevant but not for racial content. (A pending report addresses “dry comfort”.) It begins with a small letter “a”, because it is continued from the previous pages:
The caption says, “and be one of us.” Well golly gee, it’s so inclusive. Diversity is wonderful. It’s so lovely to see this black girl truly accepted at Holton-Arms as an equal.But that’s not really what this picture is saying at all. Nope. It’s only when we flip back from the gatefold pages 148-149, and we look at the gatefold on pages 146-147 that we get the full caption, which reveals the true message. Have a look. You will see a very familiar face:
Yes, that’s Christine “Chrissy” Blasey at a Halloween party in her junior year. The party was held at a private house, not at school. The caption above her head reads:
“Bet you’d live here if you could…”
“Bet you’d live here if you could…and be one of us.”
The black girl jumping in the air is the butt of this joke. All the girls are students at Holton-Arms, but not all of the students live in posh Maryland estates. The intended audience, again, for this yearbook, is not you and me. We were never supposed to see these images. So the only people who would ever understand the encryption are the initiated girls.
The black girl is not an initiate. The message is clearly put over her head for a reason. It means that while these black girls might come away with an education, they will never be one of the white girls in the club. Bet you’d live here if you could means the black girl can’t. They won’t let her. She is not welcome there. Her presence is tolerated for the appearance of diversity.
This is racism through and through. It’s a racism that still exists today. It’s the stench of white supremacy, but not the moronic nazi symbol wearing bozos marching through town squares here and there. No. This is very dangerous white supremacy hiding in plain site, running the nation and the world with a secret handshake under an esoteric symbol.
Oh, you think I’ve lost it now perhaps? Gone over the tin foil edge. Well, I’ve saved the best evidence for last.
Go slow. Take it all in. What you are being shown is rare.
Mistakes were made by the initiates in charge of the Holton-Arms yearbook. These mistakes allow you to see glimpse something ancient, evil and very powerful.
Adepts of the esoteric arts do not make these sort of mistakes. The Holton girls are very intelligent, but they really screwed up here as far as exposing their system to the world.
The roots of all this encoding and steganography are esoteric. It’s bred into people like the Holton girls at a very young age. It’s a cult of secrecy, and they do not draw attention to themselves or to their symbols in a manner that could ever expose the true meaning of such things to the uninitiated, aka “the profane”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then that’s you.
Their magnificent ability to keep secret that which is precious to them is the stuff of legend. And this is what makes the following mistake so interesting from an anthropological point of view.
The following image is the concluding message from the student yearbook staff. There is a strange symbol in the upper right hand corner of the page. Examine at it now:
That is a very ancient symbol hovering over the number “3” in “’83”. I am not going to explain everything about it, because nobody really knows everything about it. To me, it represents the true power in the world over mankind. Not spiritual power, not to me anyway. I am a Christian. But it is a spiritual symbol to those who obey it.
The symbol, in one form or another, can be found all over our Government buildings and documents. All you need to know right now, however, for our purposes, is that it was placed their intentionally by the Holton-Arms student yearbook staff. And we know that it has great meaning to certain girls at the school. How do we know this for sure?
Because they tell you in the text below the symbol. Look at the final paragraph, which says:
“Miss Chong still hasn’t learned WHY we make such a big deal about the upper right hand corner, but it doesn’t matter any more because the final layout sheets are all in the baby picture drawer.”
Their big mistake was pointing that symbol out. That’s a no no in their cult. It’s fine to use the symbol, but they aren’t supposed to draw such blatant attention to it. And now that they have, it’s truly a rare find for folks like myself who pay attention to them. Trust me, there are going to be some very interested readers of this blog soon who probably do not really care if Brett Kavanaugh gets on the Supreme Court. I digress.
The symbol is mentioned in the upper right hand corner. Their Asian faculty advisor for the yearbook, Miss Chong, is being ridiculed. She still hasn’t learned about the symbol.
Look the bold faced – all caps – “WHY” in the paragraph. It’s the main code that needs to be cracked here.
I have cracked it.
Here it is:
In all of these esoteric systems, when they put something in writing, or more often, in a symbol, there is more than one meaning to it. There’s the surface meaning, like the captions and images pertaining to the black girls in this yearbook. That surface meaning is the obvious meaning. But then there is also the true meaning, obvious to the initiate, but veiled to the profane.
WHITE HOLTON YEARBOOK is the hidden encoded yearbook of the initiated girls. That’s WHY they made such a big deal about the upper right hand corner.
The profane yearbook is for everyone else, for feckless staff, and for the black girls, and others who will never be part of their cult.
I know. Some of you are not convinced that WHY is an acronym for White Holton Yearbook. Let me convince you then. One more piece of evidence to seal the verdict is necessary.
At the start of the yearbook, when you open the cover is a pictorial gatefold collage of color images. The same collage also sits inside the back cover. It bookends the yearbook. The duplicated gatefold is the only thing there is two of in the yearbook. So that drew my attention to it. Have a look:
Keep in mind, this same image appears twice. I must repeat that.
Now look at the lower right middle of the image. You will see a button that says “WHITE” on it. It sits on top of a high school varsity letter, “H”. The “H” stands for “Holton”. And together they rest upon yearbook layout sheets. Recall that the girls drew attention to the “layout sheets” in that same paragraph featuring the infamous WHY.
White button that says “white” on it, streamed by a white ribbon, sitting on the Holton H, resting on the yearbook layout sheets…bookended against the front and back covers. Have a closer look:
That’s Cristina King above. You may be familiar with her, and her shifting narrative. Nice sweater, Cristina. Such wonderful embroidery, dear. She is an initiate. So is Christine Blasey Ford. They were thick as thieves back at Holton. They have secrets. “Dry Comfort” is one of them. We will talk about that and a few sexual abuse statutes as well. They liked young boys. Stay tuned…

Tim Brown

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