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Dr. Ron Paul: The Real Danger “Is The Government’s Overreaction”

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In a recent interview, Dr. Ron Paul opined on his son Rand, who has tested positive for the coronavirus. Dr. Paul said that the dangers of the coronavirus have been “blown way out of proportion” and some people benefit from crises, like politicians who want more power.

Dr. Paul begins his interview with Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group saying Rand Paul had no symptoms of the virus and is feeling fine, like the majority of people who have gotten. Many are already immune and have been exposed without showing any signs. “I think millions of people have probably had the infection and still do,” says Dr. Paul.

“But it’s used by an excuse by those who have a special interest…and I think that is sad.” The problem is that this crisis was blown up so some people (the ruling class) could expand and broaden their power over the public, and Dr. Paul says hopefully, the masses will “wake up soon” to what the government is doing to them and their future. “Somebody is making political use out of this and it’s [the political usage of the coronavirus] is out of control,” Dr. Paul (an OBYN) added.

Just look at who has been hurt the most so far: the poorest Americans in service industries that the ruling class demanded to shut down.

Dr. Paul says the only real danger is the government’s expansion of power and the already sick or elderly who will get the coronavirus.

But that danger to our susceptible population already exists and has for years in the form of colds and several strains of the flu, so the panic and shut down is unwarranted. Unless you want more power and totalitarian control.

Both Dr. Paul and Mr. Gantz have been long-time liberty and free-market champions, and this interview is a must-watch if you consider yourself anything other than a slave to the government.

Both men are calling out the power-hungry ruling class, something the majority of Americans have not done.

Watch the entire eye-opening interview here:

“The people who love control, even local officials [such as governors who canceled school or shut down economies in their states] love the power that they’re getting from this,” says Dr. Paul.

These power-hungry politicians love putting the public under threats of arrest if they dare balk at the power grab of these politicians.

Even in what used to be liberty-minded states like Wyoming, the governor has threatened martial law saying he has the power to use law enforcement to issue a “shelter in place order” (martial law).  

And that’s in a state with 53 confirmed cases, 7 confirmed recoveries, and NO DEATHS from COVID-19. 

“I hope the American people wake up and realize it’s [the coronavirus] not quite as they [authoritarian tyrants] describe it,” adds Dr. Paul. “This economic crisis is government-made.”

The real danger is the federal and local governments’ overreaction to this outbreak. Unfortunately, this is happening world-wide, and the poorest people, will once again, be hurt the most financially by their government’s “solutions,” but we’re all going to lose most of what’s left our basic human rights.

Too many people are lining up in support of government tyranny.

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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