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“Education”: The Millstone Around America’s Neck

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, I’m not going to have a long researched article for you this weekend. We know where education is precisely. It’s not freeing our students of all ages to be who they were made to be. It’s not giving anyone the increase of knowledge that truly betters oneself, either.

So, to illustrate that our freedoms, especially via education are at an all-time high of attack, I wanted to include some of my most sobering images to share with you, so you can help share with others this weekend where independence and freedom are supposedly celebrated.

We’re not really free OR independent as long as we worship man or what man’s created. We ARE truly free and independent when we look to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Warriors, you know that my archives are FULL of enough research to share with others, so look through the images and see what sparks your interest or tears at your heart. Then, look for any article which relates to that. Why?
Because knowing all you know and still feeling the pain means there are others out there who might react the same way. I’ve placed the images in a way as to tell a visual reality.

The more parents and taxpayers we can get to see the light on this, the more citizen power and authority we can use to strike back at the system which seeks to destroy our nation.

May your freedom and independence be rooted in truth,

Lynne (aka: Common Core Diva)















And, this, my Warriors, is WHY we are facing such a battle for our nation, especially in education:

                   SYSTEMATIC OPPRESSION by a long line of ‘leadership’!

From FDR to our current President, the slow burn of education/our nation has been advanced.
It’s up to us to STOP it.


Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

Lynne Taylor

From 2002 to today, Lynne has been a featured speaker at small meetings and large conferences. Since 2009, she has served as a frequent guest on nationwide radio and multimedia shows. Lynne also co-established PIE NC (Preserving Integrity and Excellence in Education). She is a retired private (homeschool) teacher and regionally recognized support group leader. She has also been a business owner, worked with children's ministry and currently is an education liaison for Protecting Innocence Campaign (based in OH), wife and mom. Lynne is also an adviser to the national grassroots campaign "Child Abuse in the Classroom", where it is the campaign's belief that "Repealing ESSA and Restoring FERPA" are the best ways to help restore our nation's education system. She was also awarded the 2011 Distinguished Educator from the National Society of High School Scholars, as well as the 2016 L&B Network's Torchbearer Award for educational advocacy. She has been recognized by her peers as an expert in Common Core, Career Tech Education, Career Pathways, workforce and competency-based education reform, federal overreaches into education and our families.
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