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Elderly Grandma, Battling Cancer, Attacked and Arrested for Asking for a Search Warrant

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Greenville, SC — A 62-year-old grandma, who is suffering with cancer, is speaking out this week after she says she was attacked by police because she asked them for a search warrant.

The alleged victim, Cassandra Johnson had never been in trouble with police before this week. But that all changed when she was thrown in the Greenville County Detention Center for attempting to flex her rights.

According to police, they were at Johnson’s residence on Monday around 5 a.m. to serve an arrest warrant to her son, Julius Johnson. However, according to Cassandra, Julius was not there and has never lived there.

As FOX Carolina reports:

Johnson said she told officers Julius has never lived at the residence. Officers said they continuously asked to come into the home to search. Johnson asked for a search warrant, however, police explained an arrest warrant was sufficient in this case.

Johnson said when she wouldn’t move aside, the officers threw her on the ground and handcuffed her. She said her other son, Jermaine Johnson, was home and was yelling at the officers that his mother has stage four cancer.

However, according to Johnson, the officers couldn’t have cared less about this grandma’s cancer and they attacked her.

“They threw me, they threw me on this porch and how did I feel? Johnson asked as tears rolled down her face. “I felt scared!”

As the officers held the elderly grandma down on her porch, all she remembers is trying to remain calm so the officers wouldn’t hurt her anymore than they already had.

“All I could think about was to be calm. Don’t fight em so I laid there and I looked at my son, and said don’t fight them,” Johnson said.

While the Johnsons are now seeking justice, the police department claims everything they did was proper and the officers followed protocol.

“The reality is that this situation could have been completely prevented if the Johnson’s had simply allowed the officers to do their lawful job of executing a court-ordered arrest warrant,” Donald Porter, a police department spokesperson said.

The Johnsons disagree.

According to Fox Carolina, community activist Bruce Wilson said the encounter is unacceptable and he wants the body camera footage to be released.

If and when the body camera footage is released, the Free Thought Project will keep our readers up to date.

Sadly, police officers injuring and even killing grandmas is not that uncommon. As TFTP reported, Geraldine Townsend, 72, was shot and killed earlier this year as a Bartlesville SWAT team executed a search warrant to bust Livingston for the alleged sale of marijuana. Body camera footage of the raid was released today.

When the heavily armed and militarized men kicked in the door to their home, Townsend, likely not knowing who her home invaders were, picked up a pellet gun and fired off two pellets. A Bartlesville officer then shot and killed her.

As the video shows, police did announce themselves. However, Townsend, who was asleep when the raid began, may not have believed they were the police or may not have heard them and chose to defend herself against her home invaders—with a BB gun.

TFTP received the body camera footage in that incident, which is below. Warning, it contains graphic content.

Article posted with permission from The Free Thought Project. Article by Matt Agorist.

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