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EMT: I Got COVID! How Well Did My Safety Equipment Work?

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I know what some may say: “Serves you right, Richards!  Considering your last article, it is no wonder you got COVID.” As always, think before you speak. My last article talked about a mask Nazi harassing me in a store.  There is more to this than that.

When I work as an Emergency Medical Technician, there are a lot of things I will willingly do for my patient, that I will not accept being forced to do in my personal life. If I am going into a nursing home I realize that the people there think the mask protects them, even if it does not. I realize I need to do things so I do not frighten my patient. The point of this article is that saying our safety equipment protects us when it does not is dangerous behavior we should not be engaged in.

I treated a patient that was positive for COVID. Even though I wore my mask as required, I got COVID symptoms. I am not the only one to whom this has happened. As far as I know, a lot of health care workers are getting COVID. I know, the governor claimed we got COVID drinking beer in our friend’s garages and not at work, but that is a lie. The only person with COVID I was exposed to was that one patient. I got my symptoms after that in the normal timeline for becoming infected. So has everyone else I know to which this has happened. I do not believe our safety equipment works like they claim it does.

They call it Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), but to me, the masks seem like Personal Protection Equipment That Does Not Protect (PPETDNP). Not a very good acronym, maybe we should call masks Pretend Personal Protection Equipment (PPPE). The most dangerous safety equipment is the equipment that is not used for what it was made for, or that is improperly used.

It used to say right on the box that masks do not protect us from viruses. There are numerous studies that showed that wearing masks did not protect healthcare workers from getting viruses. When they told us to wear masks, no studies were done to see if masks would harm us. We still have not done any that I know about. Many things can prevent one thing from happening but cause something else to happen. Studies are supposed to make sure the equipment does not protect one thing and hurt another.

So, if they are going to tell us to wear masks to protect us from viruses, when the box said masks would not protect us from viruses, what else are they going to do? Use an axe for a scalpel? The police wear masks to protect them from viruses. Are they going to start wearing cashmere sweaters for bulletproof vests? Are they going to sell stocking hats to use as motorcycle helmets? Maybe some people will tie some helium balloons to their belt for fall protection when they go up on the roof. Who knows? This is what happens when you use your safety equipment in an unsafe way.

Many of the people I know say they know the masks do not protect them from viruses, but they are willing to wear them anyways. That concerns me. We are becoming reckless. If they do not care if their equipment actually protects them they have a dangerous attitude.

I know a little something about masks. When I was in the Army and the Air Force, we called it Nuclear Biological and Chemical training (NBC). They told us what our masks could do, then they would send us into the gas chamber to prove what our masks were doing. When we took our masks off in the chamber, we started choking and vomiting. Obviously, they were protecting us from the gas, if instantly, when we took our masks off, we got that sick.

Now, we go into harm’s way knowing our safety equipment will fail us. Then, if we mention that the equipment failed us, the media or others will attack us for pointing out the truth. I have seen enough people get sick after treating COVID patients to believe the safety equipment is failing us. Over the years, I have seen a lot of people hurt because they misused their safety equipment, and that is what is worrying me now. Safety does not come from participating in a lie, danger does.

I expected to eventually get COVID, just as I expect to get colds and the flu. Illness is a part of life. I chose to do my job for the good of the community, even if I could get hurt from doing it. I joined the military knowing full well I could be killed from being in the military. I chose to be on the truck (Ambulance) even if I could be killed from being on the truck. It is what I do. I am willing to do it for you, even if I get hurt doing it. What I refuse to do is lie about my safety equipment and say it will do what it said on the box it would not do. This mask thing is ridiculous. I feel sorry for my cop friends. Their masks will stop a virus anymore than a cashmere sweater will stop a bullet. Forcing them to pretend otherwise is insulting and demeaning. It is disgraceful to do that to people.

The best protection I had against COVID was a treatment plan for when I acquired symptoms. I read information from a doctor named Doctor Mercola. I also buy his products. Some of the things I read would be helpful for COVID were Quercetin, Zink plus Selenium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K2. I also flushed my sinuses with a neti pot multiple times a day. My doctors at the Mayo Clinic told me to do a neti twice a day when I was being seen there for my lung problems. They told me it was just like brushing your teeth. They told me if I stop the infection when it was in my sinuses it would prevent it from spreading to my lungs. I have been doing this for years.

I had been taking those things before I got symptoms and I did not expect them to always prevent me from getting infected. I took them hoping they would keep my body strong, for when it needed to fight an infection, and then I took some extra when I did get an infection. I am not giving medical advice. I am only saying why I did it. If you are interested, do not take my word for it, go to Doctor Mercola’s website and research it for yourself. He is constantly being attacked on the internet but he cites his sources and I have read the sources.

I have known an 89-year-old man that had heart surgery and brain surgery and got COVID. He took those things and he is fine now. I also know an 86-year-old woman who got COVID and took those things and got better as well. I have a young friend who did it too. He got over his COVID symptoms very fast. My symptoms were gone in about 12 hours. Like I said, do not believe me. Go research it for yourself. I am just saying this was my safety plan.

A grave concern I have is, if they claim masks will help when they do not, what else will they be untruthful about? Considering they lied about masks, there is no way I am going to believe what they say about vaccines. Sure, they claim vaccines are safe, but they said masks will protect me. Besides, if vaccines are not safe, there is nothing I can do about it. Congress gave the pharmaceutical companies protection. How safe is their product when they needed to have Congress protect them from the people they are giving their product to? When the vaccines in the military made me sick, it was just too bad for me. Big Government and Big Pharma did not care. They made their money and I did not matter to them.

It is also foolish to say vaccines are our safety plan. Vaccines never completely prevent us from getting infections. Just as the things I took did not prevent me from getting infected all the time. Wearing the masks did not prevent me from being infected, so relying on them is a mistake, especially considering it said on the box the mask would not protect me from a virus. Taking things that made me feel better was necessary, because it would be foolish to think any one thing would work all the time. We need to be ready when things go bad.

Doctors and our government are traveling down a dangerous road. When they stop caring about the truth, we are in trouble. This talk about forcing people to take vaccines is even more dangerous. It was very dangerous for Nazi Germany to become the way they were. Forcing people to be part of medical procedures destroys the people using the force and the people receiving the force.

If doctors started showing up at people’s houses with the police and having the police hold the people down so the doctor could give them prostate examines they would do a huge amount of psychological damage to everyone involved. Even if it would prevent some prostate cancer, many people receiving the examination by force, would feel sexually assaulted. You cannot say assault is only based on the intentions of the people using the force.

Just because the doctors are going to use needles to pump their liquids into people by force, makes them no less a rapist than someone that uses their anatomy. Only the victim can consent. If they force the victim to consent they are no different than Harvey Weinstein. He said his victims consented, but really, be honest here. Forced vaccination will destroy the doctors, the police using force, and the people receiving the force. It will destroy the entire country.

Forced vaccination will likely start one of the worst guerilla wars in the history of the world. If the government forces us medical professionals to force our treatments on our patients, I have no reason to believe people will not try and defend themselves against us. I will resign my position before I become part of that. People can get vicious when they believe someone is going to hurt them or their children. I want people to trust me. Force has no place in medicine.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media.  Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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