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Endlessly Pontificating On The Good Things Americans Do, While We Allow The Atrocities Committed To America’s Babies Is Why We Need Repentance

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I was attending a Christmas service at a Church on Christmas Eve, and instead of feeling the joy of Christmas, I was grieving. All the talk about joy and happiness was more than I could take. Partway through the service, I prayed to God, “I am sorry.”

I am sorry we are standing here listening to people talk about the baby Jesus in a country that has murdered more than 62 million babies; that is since the Obscene Court committed the atrocity of claiming they could legalize murder by calling it abortion, and claiming unborn babies are not human. I am sorry we did not put those members of the court in prison where they belong.

I am sorry Christians are begging for their vaccines with no concern as to if any babies were killed to make those vaccines. In one of my previous articles, I wrote about an article about how several Covid-19 vaccines are made using fetal cells. Given how abortion has become the gangrene of health care, Christians should be boycotting any pharmaceutical company or doctor that has not proven beyond any doubt that they have no connection to the use of anything from babies murdered by abortion.

I am sorry I served in the military and wasted all those years and wrecked my health in the name of freedom when the people used that freedom to say babies can be murdered by abortion, and then use those babies as ingredients in vaccines. The gangrene of healthcare, abortion has rotted healthcare to the point that babies have been dehumanized. They have been dehumanized to such a point that so many are willing to participate in the atrocity of injecting the result of a murder into their body.

I am sorry I am a chief of an Ambulance Service and an Emergency Medical Technician when the healthcare system, of which we are part, is so unethical. We are so unethical that we allow all these immoral things to go on. Healthcare workers are first in line for the vaccines that are made using murdered babies. Even though many of us have refused to take the vaccines, how do we work with the unethical people that do?

How do we claim to be ethical with abortion rotting healthcare to the point that very few people care that murdered babies are now viewed as nothing more than ingredients? Ingredients that are making billions of dollars for the evil people involved in this atrocity. How do we claim to be ethical when Christians’ thinking has been polluted to the point that they participate, instead of protesting this abomination to God?

That was my Christmas Eve at Church. I realize that I am a Scrooge, but I do not know how to separate it all. Were the soldiers in the Third Reich good people and only the death camp guards bad? No, they were all bad. All the German soldiers were bad. Some soldiers killed the people in the camps and other soldiers protected and served the German government and camp soldiers that did the killing.

I share this guilt. I served the military of a government that allowed babies to be killed. Not only did that government allow babies to be killed, but that government also paid for the babies to be killed. Besides paying for those babies to be murdered by abortion, our government paid pharmaceutical companies to dehumanize the babies to the point of considering babies as ingredients for vaccines.

That same government praised and paid those evil companies for making vaccines while hiding the fact that babies were murdered to make the vaccines. That is the government I served as a soldier and an airman.

I am so ashamed I served a government like ours. I wish I could take all those years back and have served God by fighting against those atrocities instead of protecting the government doing them. This country is good at pointing out other countries’ faults and then claiming that somehow makes us good. We would be wise to remember when Jesus told us to take the log out of our own eye before we take the splinter out of our brother’s eye. Unfortunately, America has a forest in her eye instead of just a log.

America’s and the Church’s problem is their arrogance. Instead of repenting for the evil we have done, we list all the good things we do and then throw a tantrum if anyone complains about the evil. How about you, do you think someone who allows murder should get away with it as long as they can list some good things they do? The Nazis made some medical discoveries experimenting on their victims.  Yet, they still faced the Nuremberg trials and claiming good deeds did not set them free.

I realize God forgives me for serving a government as wicked as ours. However, it is hard to ask for forgiveness as my fellow healthcare workers and my government are so delighted with the vaccines that were achieved through the atrocities. If there is no remorse, how can there be forgiveness?

As Voltaire said: “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

Americans are never-ending in their belief in absurdities: Endlessly pontificating on the good things Americans do, while we allow the atrocities committed to America’s babies. This is like a hitman expecting praise for selling the organs of his victim, and claiming the lives he saved, excuses the murder he committed. That is America today, and that is the Church today.

Abortion is just modern-day Moloch worship, only we have made it worse. If I am a modern-day Scrooge, my hope is there is a change of heart for America as there was for Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. America needs a change of heart. The Church needs a change of heart. We need to start making things the way they should be instead of allowing the atrocities to remain. The Church’s boycott of vaccines and any healthcare involved in them or abortion would be a good start.

Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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