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Even Hillary’s Advisors Admit This Changes Everything: “A New, Unwelcome Element… It Ain’t Good”

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It is hard to imagine much of anything, short of a massive terror attack, taking over the news cycle on the otherwise solemn 15th Anniversary of 9/11.

But Hillary’s bizarre fainting spell, initially blamed on “overheating,” (now said to be pneumonia) has completely taken over and gone viral.

After weeks of ignoring her health concerns and dismissing critics, it is now the unavoidable issue at hand.

Even her own loyal advisors and ranking Democrats are bracing themselves. They know this can’t be ignored, and will affect the race.

via Politico:

Hillary Clinton’s health – long the obsession of conspiracy theorists – emerged Sunday as a legitimate campaign issue after Clinton nearly swooned and stumbled at a Sept. 11 commemoration, underscoring the sense that that summer’s sure-thing candidate is teetering at the worst possible moment.

[…] Supporters – for the first time – were quietly pressuring a candidate who has been reluctant to share details about her health and personal life to become more transparent…

“The Clintons have this notion that they only go as far as they need to” in terms of disclosure, said an ally close to the former president and current Democratic nominee.“They can’t afford to approach this that way.”

Longtime Clinton adviser James Carville said that ‘the doctors have all said she’s healthy,” but added: “It’s going to be something that people aren’t going to be able to stop talking about, so we’ll see” what happens next.

“It’s not the end of the world — I think she’s okay — but it ain’t good,” one person close to the Clintons said after the former secretary of state emerged from daughter Chelsea’s Manhattan apartment after becoming “overheated” at Ground Zero. “It adds a new, unwelcome element.”

“There will have to be some kind of accounting for this,” said one former Clinton adviser – on a day when Clinton’s staff kept her travelling press pool in the dark about her condition for most of the day. “Whether she decides to do that, or just take the hits, that’s her call.”

This makes for a very inconvenient truth for the loyalists have heavily attacked those who’ve dared to question Hillary’s health – rather than address it.

Here’s the video that no one can now ignore:

Clearly, Hillary has, at the personal level, decided to set aside any concerns about her own health and stability as the price to pay for her last chance at power, and making the history books.

At the DNC level, Hillary is the empty suit, establishment vessel that has become Humpty Dumpty – and now all the queen’s men are trying to put her back together again.

What happens next in the most bizarre presidential race in American history?

Does this mean that Trump will coast? Will the Democrats put up another candidate? Can Hillary play the sympathy card and turn a loss into a gain?

That is entirely up for debate…

Just when Hillary thought this was a cake walk pre-arranged for her path to power, this election remains as unpredictable as it gets.

Article reposted with permission from SHTF Plan

The Washington Standard

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