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FACT CHECK: CAIR Report Claims Mercy Mosque Fire by Crazy Serial Arsonist in Minnesota as “Islamophobic”

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CAIR has released its annual Islamophobia civil rights report. That means that, as usual, the Islamist group falsely describes various events as anti-Muslim or “Islamophobic”.

And that the media, without a single fact check, uncritically repeats whatever the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) claims despite its history of support for terrorism including the Hamas attacks of Oct 7.

In this year’s report, CAIR starts its list of “Anti-Mosque Incidents” in Minnesota.

According to the CAIR report, “In April, two mosques in Minneapolis were reportedly targeted by arson attacks in the span of two days by the same individual. The man reportedly started a fire on the evening of April 23 at the Masjid
Omar Islamic Center. The following day, the same individual was seen in surveillance footage going into Masjid Al Rahma, or Mercy Mosque, after which another fire damaged the third floor of the mosque. Several people,including about 40 children, were reportedly evacuated. The individual was arrested and charged with arson in May.”

Sounds awful. Right?

Except there’s one problem. The arsonist was a mentally ill man with a history of starting fires who was found mentally incompetent.

Court records indicate Jackie Rahm Little has been civilly committed due to mental illness on multiple occasions beginning in April 2021. At least one instance was related to alleged arson.

According to one court filing in December 2021, Little “was picked up by Bloomington Police on four pending charges of arson in Bloomington and three pending charges of arson in Minneapolis.”

Little “reportedly got into separate conflicts with individuals he was staying with at separate times that escalated into setting flames to the homes,” the civil commitment filing states.

Little was charged with one alleged arson incident in December 2021, but was found incompetent by the court, according to records.

Police are also investigating another arson at a mosque in Minneapolis, which occurred on Sunday at Masjid Omar Islamic Center inside the 24 Somali Mall.

Little was found mentally incompetent to stand trial.

In June, Little’s defense attorney gave notice that his client would pursue an insanity defense.

State court records show that Little has been civilly committed for bipolar disorder with psychotic features and has been in and out of jail, group homes and hospitals in recent years.

In January, a Hennepin County Mental Health Court referee found Little mentally incompetent to be prosecuted for a 2021 vehicle arson.

Little shouldn’t have been on the loose, but he was bailed out by one of the leftist pro-crime bail funds. He’s clearly out of his mind and I think everyone can agree that Little should be locked up. He has a history of violent incidents and unstable behavior and the only reason he wasn’t already in prison is the pro-crime policies of the local leftists.

CAIR reveals none of this in its report and instead pretends that it was a political incident. And the media continues to rely on CAIR despite a history of similar dubious and misleading claims.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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