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Very Fake News Alert: CNN — ‘We Have a Narcissistic President Who Can’t Take a Punch’

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What is interesting is the absurdity of this statement. All Trump gets are punches. Punch after punch, day after day from the enemedia. And because he fights back and doesn’t lay down and submit to their totalitarian toddler tantrums, they go further on the attack.

The fact is that President Obama was a narcissistic president who couldn’t take a punch, but rarely had to (although he whined incessantly about Fox News). The enemedia was too busy licking Barack’s boots.


No, it’s the MEDIA that can’t take a punch.

By Mark Tapson, TR, February 17 2017:

CNN counterterrorism analyst Philip Mudd talked tough about President Trump’s feud with the press, according to Mediaite, but somehow overlooked his own hypocrisy.

“This is a guy who looks in the mirror and he wants to see Adonis and we see Shrek,” Mudd said of Trump after the President took no media prisoners in his press conference Thursday. “The man can’t take a punch and as soon as the punch gets turned on him, he turns on the people who make him look like Shrek… We have a narcissistic president that can’t take a punch.”

Seriously? If there’s any president in American history who saw himself as Adonis and couldn’t take a punch, it was former community organizer Barack Obama, but the press never called him out about that. Now that Donald Trump is in office throwing punches left and right, the media don’t like it and, like blowhard Philip Mudd, they talk tough out of Trump’s reach.

Check out Mudd’s bluster beginning at 1:30 in the video clip above.

Article reposted with permission from PamelaGeller.com

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