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Famine Incoming: Engineered Collapse Of The Food Supply Chain

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Under the guise of COVID-19 lockdowns, the governments of the world initiated the engineered collapse of the global food supply chain. If you haven’t figured out how bad it could get just yet, you may not be able to adequately prepare. Widespread famine and starvation are coming and food will be used as a weapon to manufacture compliance.

Starving out the population is nothing new for rulers desiring complete totalitarian control.

The Weaponization of Food: Starvation to Manufacture Compliance

The problem this time is that if we allow their “Great Reset” endgame, which is the central bank digital currency (CBDC), freedom will be gone forever. A permanent inescapable slave state in which we are owned by the handful of elitists pushing this enslavement on us will clamp us down.

They are currently doing everything they can to starve the public into compliance, including creating fiat currency out of thin air to cause hyperinflation of necessary items including food. We have witnessed widespread sabotage (arson) of food facilities taking place across the USA, combined with the Biden regime continuing every effort to shutter pipelines, refineries, and oil exploration, leading to a collapse in domestic oil availability.

Diesel prices have skyrocketed making farming all but impossible, while simultaneously making the food that does get delivered more expensive to deliver. A fertilizer shortage is not helping things either, while the mainstream media and ruling classes hellbent on our enslavement continue to lie and blame the conflict in Ukraine. A conflict they all are a part of.

Famine: Diesel Prices Hit Farmers Hard, Food Is Going To Get Scarce

The reality is that all political parties are crushing everyone so they can help the World Economic Forum with the goal of making sure all humans, except those at the top “own nothing.” If you own nothing, and your entire existence is at the whims of someone else, that’s slavery.  At this point in history, we are slaves, because we really never own anything as the government (master) claims the right to take it if you refuse to continue to pay tribute to your owner.

Time is running out for people to wake up and realize the left vs. right paradigm is only there as a distraction. If we ever want to be free, we need to refuse to let anyone rule us, regardless of what letter is tacked on to the last name.

Mass Cattle Deaths: Coincidence?

Prepare while you still can. The masters have demonstrated that they will send people off to die and give billions if not trillions of dollars in order to kill others but somehow cannot manage to feed the population. There’s always enough money for wars, but not enough to feed people. Just like there are always enough supplies for the COVID-19 shots, and as many as you want, while other medications are in short supply.


Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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