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Farmers to Trump: “We Don’t Want Handouts… We Want A Quick Return To Free Trade”

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Well, it looks like some farmers actually understand that government handouts have strings attached to them and that this latest unconstitutional action by President Donald Trump to give $12 billion to farmers, money we don’t have by the way and that we will borrow and pay interest on, is not something they are looking to engage in.  According to one report, a Missouri farmer thanked Trump for thinking of them, but what he wants is ” a quick return to free trade.”

Missouri corn and soybean farmer Neal Bredehoeft said, “We, as farmers, don’t want handouts.”

Bredehoeft says that is the sentiment across much of the Midwest.

Bloomberg reports:

In interview after interview, farmers delivered essentially the same response to President Donald Trump’s pledge yesterday to provide $12 billion in assistance: It’s nice to know you’re thinking about us, Mr. President, but what we want is a quick return to free trade. It’s “better to get our income from the marketplace than from the government,” Bredehoeft said.

This clear-cut position from the agriculture sector reveals in part why U.S. lawmakers — including many in Trump’s own party, such as Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse and Tennessee Senator Bob Corker — were so forceful in pushing back against the proposal on Tuesday.

The planned aid is a mix of direct payments to farmers, purchases of agricultural commodities for food-aid programs, and the stepped-up promotion of new export markets. The package has offended the sensibilities of many farmers who supported both Trump and a party that historically champions small government and free trade — even if farmers are already the regular recipient of government aid, including an estimated $9.2 billion in payments this year alone.

Iowa fourth-generation corn and soybean farmer Stan Nelson said, “We want access to markets.  We don’t want government payments, but we do appreciate President Trump recognizing the concern out in the country.”

Dave Struthers, a farmer who grows corn and soybeans and raises about 6,000 hogs per year in Iowa, said, “We would prefer trade no aid.  We’d like to see things figured out on these trade issues.”

Struthers compared the government’s unconstitutional handout to a Band-Aid that “slows bleeding — it doesn’t heal the wound.”

“It’s a temporary fix,” he said.  “That’s all any government influx of money would be. It is better than nothing.”

I question whether it is better than nothing.  It continues to drive us further in debt and places that debt on the back of the American people today and for generations to come.

Tyler Durden points out:

We assume this means farmers, or at least Neal and whoever else Bloomberg is talking about, will promptly refuse their portion of up to $20 billion per year in federal agriculture subsidies.

The planned assistance will be a mix of direct payments to farmers, purchases of various commodities for food-aid programs, and “the stepped up promotion of new export markets.”

While Trump’s economic advisor Larry Kudlow says this is a short-term solution and that the administration would not be making a habit of aid programs, one has to question that given that fact that tons of money was approved by President Trump in the recent omnibus bill, and a lot of it went to foreign countries.

“What we’ve put on the board is what I think is a temporary assistance measure, I don’t think it’s going to get near to $12 billion,” said Kudlow. “Nobody’s really thrilled about this. We’re just trying to protect American agriculture from some of the unfair trading practices.”

“No one is thrilled with subsidies, I get that,” Kudlow said. “On the other hand, we need a backstop for our patriotic farmers who have been hurt.”

Then help them by giving them a free market without government subsidies and all the strings that are tied to that.  In fact, do that for every industry and individual.  Get rid of the death tax, the estate tax and other things that suck the life out of Americans, especially farming families.

If you think I get upset over this, you’re right.  It’s not that I don’t care about farmers, I do.  I know and support local farmers where I am because they provide the very best food.  However, we are talking about the Constitution and as was demonstrated on Tuesday when I wrote about Trump’s farmer bailout, even professed conservatives like their little slices of Socialism.  Just read the comments, and what’s worse is they justify the unlawful redistribution of wealth due to Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah’s unconstitutional actions.

It gets worse, when I did a short commentary on Facebook this morning, I got people in there that are happy to support this kind of redistribution of wealth despite the fact that it’s unconstitutional.

This is why we are in the trouble we are in.  We simply will not demand that the federal government stop trying to play mommy and daddy to everyone and perform the very limited tasks they were established to perform.  That’s the real problem in all of this.  Would there be some hurt that followed if they did that?  Probably, but that would begin a road to recovery.  The more we kick the can down the road and prop up a failing system with more unlawful actions, the harder the crash will be that is coming our way… and it is coming.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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