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Fauci Peddles More Propaganda Related To COVID Mutation

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While the Trump administration owns “Operation Warp Speed” to push the rapidly developed CONvid-19 mRNA human genome altering injection (Pfizer’s was developed in a few hours on January 25, 2020, by BioNTech’s Dr. Ugur Sahin and Moderna’s in two days), the Biden regime will be responsible for perpetuating the fraud. Under both Trump and Biden, Anthony S. Fauci, head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease and dubbed “infectious disease expert”, will continue in his role to stoke fear, push the experimental technology injection, promote unconstitutional, unscientific non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs), and lie. True to form, Fauci stated in a press conference on January 21, 2021, that while the CONvid-19 mutations are more transmissible than the original, “vaccines can reduce their spread and impact their ability to mutate.” He also claimed “ramping up COVID-19 vaccinations will not only help stop the virus from spreading,” these experimental technology injections will “reduce the disease’s ability to mutate into new variants.”

First of all, this is not a vaccine. According to Taber’s Medical Dictionary, a vaccine is “a suspension of infectious agents or some part of them, given for the purpose of establishing resistance to an infectious disease”. This definition comes from the physical hard copy of Taber’s since the online version gives this result. Since the physical copy referenced comes from the fourth printing in 1986, the online version contains an entry of “DNA vaccine“. DNA vaccine is defined as “A vaccine made by genetic engineering in which the gene that codes for an antigen is inserted into a bacterial plasmid and then injected into the host. Once inside the host, it uses the nuclear machinery of the host cell to manufacture and express the antigen. Unlike other vaccines, DNA vaccines may have the potential to induce cellular as well as humoral [pertaining to body fluids or substances contained in them] immune responses.” No entry exists as yet for mRNA injection technology.

So, according to the accepted medical definition that has been used for decades, the CONvid-19 injection does not meet the accepted standard. Remember, there is no vaccine that has ever been proven effective at preventing spread or transmission of any infectious disease. Moreover, since the CONvid-19 experimental technology injection does not meet the accepted medical definition of a vaccine, Fauci is lying when he makes these claims.

Fauci also claimed these experimental technology injections will “reduce the disease’s ability to mutate into new variants.” How does he know that? He doesn’t. As my Dad would say, “he’s pulling it out of his a**.” He should be asked where is he getting his information? Unfortunately, no one is interested in asking the question.

The Epoch Times reported Fauci claimed, “Viruses don’t mutate unless they replicate. If you can suppress that by a very good vaccine campaign, then you could actually avoid this deleterious effect that you might get from the mutations.” He went on to claim that while infections in the united States are “plateauing”, new mutations are cause for concern. Just days after the Biden regime begins, Fauci declares the virus “plateauing”. Who didn’t see that coming?

Right now, it looks like it might actually be plateauing in the sense of turning around,” Fauci said, although he cautioned that the drop in the 7-day rolling average of new cases may, in fact, be “an artifact of the slowing down following the holidays” and more time is needed to verify the trend.

Fauci also confirmed that the UK variant of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, dubbed B.1.1.7 by scientists, “is here for sure.”

I think it’s in at least 20 states,” he said, adding that “the real question that’s going to be asked—is it going to become the dominant strain?”

He noted that B.1.1.7 is more transmissible, although it does not appear to be more deadly.

The one that is in the UK appears to have a greater degree of transmissibility—about twice as much as what we call the ‘wild type’ original virus,” he said.

As many researchers have noted, mutation of coronaviruses are not new and in fact, RNA viruses, which it is claimed CONvid-19 is, are more likely to mutate into weaker versions. According to Science Magazine, the CONvid-19 has a slow mutation rate and the question is “why aren’t more mutations that are affecting its behavior emerging?”

Perhaps there’s just little selection pressure on the virus as it races through millions of immunologically naïve people, scientists say. That could change with the advent of vaccines or new therapies, forcing the virus to evolve. But it could also indicate that the virus has been with people longer than we know, and was spreading before the first known cases in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. “The evolution of this virus to become a human pathogen may have already happened and we missed it,” Angela Rasmussen, virologist at Columbia University, says.

The previous two sources are information from June 2020. And remember, this “virus” has not even been isolated or proven to exist. Since we have already seen corruption and compromise in the medical science community, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. But, what is interesting is the statement from scientists that the advent of vaccines or new therapies could force the virus to evolve, aka mutate. But, that’s not what Fauci said. He said this experimental technology injection would “reduce the disease’s ability to mutate into new variants.”

But here comes the rub from Fauci.

The mutation, which is a normal phenomenon in coronaviruses, “doesn’t seem to make the virus more virulent or have a greater chance of making you seriously ill or killing you,” Fauci said. At the same time, while the new mutation does not appear to be more lethal, Fauci said that with greater transmissibility, there are bound to be more cases, more hospitalizations, and “you’re ultimately going to get more death.” [Emphasis Mine.]

So even though the virus, on a one-to-one basis, isn’t more serious, the phenomenon of a more transmissible virus is something that you take seriously,” he said.

Addressing the issue of how impactful the currently available vaccines are against the new virus variants, Fauci said they will probably prove to be less effective.[Emphasis Mine.]

So, what is the deleterious effect that might occur due to a mutation, which according to several sources, has already occurred even before a case appeared in the united States? Increased transmissibility? No increase in infection fatality rate or case fatality rate or increase in severity of illness is mentioned. Let’s look at it from a numbers standpoint. If the overall survival rate of CONvid-19 is 99.9%, the more people who get it does not decrease the survival rate. Notice he didn’t mention survival rate, infection fatality rate or case fatality rates, which would not change despite more people contracting the illness.

So, why are these “injections” continuing to be pushed? According to Fauci, even if the experimental technology injection effect against the CONvid-19 is diminshed, it will still be effective.

Without any scientific proof that vaccines are neither effective nor safe, Fauci is claiming these experimental technology injections will be effective, though have a diminished effect, against a particle that has not been isolated or proven to exist. And, he’s claiming that even though the “virus” is mutating, producing a less virulent form that does not have a greater chance of making one seriously ill or killing one, more deaths are expected.

Can you spot the mechanism here? It goes like this – less virulent virus, increased transmissibility, more cases and hospitalizations, then more death. Guarantee you that no one heard the “mutation” of the unproven “virus” doesn’t make you more seriously ill or increase your risk of dying from it nor would anyone think about the overall survival rate of 99.9% while listening to Fauci. What the fearful people heard was “increased transmissibility, more death” and “get your experimental technology injection because it will be effective and reduce its ability to mutate.”

Fauci’s job is not to provide accurate, medical, scientific information. His job is to continually engage in propaganda while the lamestream government-controlled propaganda entertainment enemedia stokes the fire of fear they all created. In the meantime, credible reputable physicians, doctors, researchers, and others are censored, deplatformed, maligned, sanctioned, and in some cases facing medical review boards and licensure revocation.

In short, medical science has been hijacked and corrupted for an agenda – an agenda that will have a deleterious effect on the global population, not just the united States. Sadly, this has compromised the physician/patient relationship irreparably overall. With the majority of physicians and health care professionals treating the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) as the be all end all, despite these agencies engaging in information manipulation and disinformation, individuals everywhere will find it difficult, if not impossible, to trust any information these people relay to them. The compromise of medical journals these physicians and health care professionals rely upon for information as well will have a long-lasting effect.

With the new regime, things are not going to get better unless the people release their fear, get informed, and push back with factual information.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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