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FBI Now in Full Blown Investigation of Hillary Clinton

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation has advanced its inquiries into the lack of security that resulted in the illegal email server that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used during her time in office.

According to The Daily Caller:

The FBI has interviewed a former State Department official about how Clinton aides communicated over email. And last month, the agency requested records from a data broker Clinton hired to find companies to manage her private email system after she left office in early 2013.

While the FBI’s handling of the case has so far been characterized as a “preliminary inquiry,” the depth of the probe indicates it has reached a new phase.

“This sounds to me like it’s more than a preliminary inquiry; it sounds like a full-blown investigation,” Tom Fuentes, a former assistant director of the FBI, told Politico. “When you have this amount of resources going into it…I think it’s at the investigative level.”

The FBI already possesses Clinton’s email server, which she practically wiped clean. There is no doubt that Clinton has been tight with America’s allies, including the Muslim Brotherhood and Russia.

Politico, who broke the story, reports:

Due to secrecy surrounding any FBI investigation, it is impossible to know exactly where the FBI stands. And since the issue involves the 2016 Democratic front-runner, the work is even more sensitive. 

Ron Hosko, former assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Investigation Division, said Justice is likely worried about issuing formal legal notices “because they know it will get out, and then you’re talking about a grand jury investigation.” But he said it’s “not uncommon” for companies to require subpoenas, court orders or other legal notices to cooperate to save their corporate reputation, which could otherwise be jeopardized for sharing personal information.

“I am sure there is hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth across the street at the Hoover Building because you’re going to have people saying ‘I don’t want to produce X documents. Give me a piece of paper that covers me.’ And that’s where push is going to come to shove,” Hosko said.

While Richard Nixon left office over the threat of impeachment for his Watergate tapes, Clinton has been missing five months’ worth of emails!

Recently, Clinton said that she pushed for the ban the box so that presidents would not have to disclose their criminal history. Is she planning something in the future to get out of this? Is her political allies going to come to her aid and justice not be brought to bear on her?

According to Judge Andrew Napolitano, he believes this will inevitably tank any hopes she has of even having her name on the ballot.

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