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FDA Advisory Committee Meeting on Reformulation of OxyContin challenged by Ed Thompson

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On September 10 and 11, the FDA Advisory Committee held a meeting regarding Purdue Pharma, maker of the blockbuster opioid OxyContin to determine if the revamped killer drug reformulated a decade ago cut down on abuse via snorting and injecting.  Purdue Pharma, now a disgraced multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company has filed bankruptcy, but not before the deaths and addictions of hundreds of thousands of people to addiction and death.

Purdue Pharma reps were quick to defend their reformulated OxyContin on the market for far too long with the FDA’s endorsement in allowing the surge of life destruction under their watch.  Although Purdue Pharma lauded that multiple studies indicated the reformulated tablets are harder to crush and dissolve, making them harder to snort or inject, the FDA Advisory Committee thought otherwise.  They ruled that Purdue Pharma’s data and data from other researchers did not conclude the reformulation curbed abuse or led to few overdoses.
One of the presenters at the Advisory Committee meeting to dispel the falsehoods regarding the decade-plus reformulation of OxyContin was a man named Edwin R. Thompson, President of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Research Services, Inc. (PMRS) a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in PA.  Mr. Thompson was featured on CBS 60 Minutes where he exposed the FDA for their complicity in allowing the opioid epidemic to rage out of control and opening the floodgates to long-term use of dangerous opioids for chronic pain.  This was accomplished by the FDA working in concert with pharmaceutical companies such as Purdue Pharma.  Here is a link to his segment on the broadcast – 


Here is an abridged testimony from Ed Thompson to the FDA Advisory Committee on September 11: