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Feds Sued for $10 Million for Allegedly Losing JFK Assassination Film

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Just this week, the 52nd anniversary of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy went by quietly in America. Besides the famous Abraham Zapruder film that is often shown in many JFK assassination documentaries and was used throughout the film JFK, there is another film from Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas that was shot on November 22, 1963, which captured John F. Kennedy’s assassination from another angle. It was shot by a man named Orville Nix and his film has also been used in several documentaries. Now, one of his descendants, Gayle Nix Jackson, has filed suit in federal court, charging that the federal government has allegedly “lost” the original footage taken by her grandfather.

Mrs. Jackson is suing the United States and the National Archives and Records Administration for $10 million.

Nix’s film footage was taken from the left side of the presidential motorcade and captures the moment that JFK was struck with the fatal headshot, as well as a fairly clear view of the area where many have theorized that another shooter was stationed, the infamous grassy knoll.

Nix had purchased his camera about a week before Kennedy arrived in Dallas, according to Jackson in court documents.

Courthouse News reports:

Nix eventually sold the film to UPI in exchange for a copy of the film, $5,000 and a new fedora hat, as well as a handshake agreement that the film would be returned 25 years later, according to Jackson’s lawsuit.

Nix’s granddaughter says the federal government has been in possession of the film since 1978, when the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations obtained it, before supposedly transferring it to the national archives after the conclusion of the Warren Commission.

Since 1998, Jackson has been unsuccessful in tracking down the original film.

“Through gross negligence, omission or concealment of information and record keeping, the defendants and its agencies have placed plaintiff’s property, a valuable and historical film of the JFK Assassination, in a state of limbo and to her detriment,” her lawsuit says.

Additionally, Jackson wrote on her website, “His camera was an auto-zoom camera with a handle grip that he emotionally squeezed while watching the horror of the thirty-fifth president’s death unfold before him.  He wasn’t sure until he had the film developed a week later that he had assassination footage, but he believed until his death on January 17th, 1972 that shots came from the ‘stockade fence’ area now called the grassy knoll.  The FBI kept his film for three days and his camera for over five months.  When his film was returned he felt it looked ‘different’ and when his camera was finally returned, it came back in pieces.  The FBI had taken it apart to ‘study’ it.  He sold the copyright to UPI in 1963.  It was subsequently returned to Gayle Nix Jackson and family in 1990.”

“It was at that time the family learned the camera original film was missing,” she wrote. “Who has it?  Why is it missing?  What does it show?  His story is one of an ordinary American who finds his life changed by the secretive and often ruthless powers of the government, the media and society due to his place in history.”

Remember that this is the same government that lost JFK’s brain as well.

The Zapruder film was purchased by tax payers via the federal government for $16 million. Jackson claims that since her grandfather’s film was “was determined by the Warren Commission to be almost or nearly as important as the Zapruder film,” it should establish a basis for her $10 million suit.

Today, many, even a generation down the line believe that the same people who targeted JKF, also murdered his brother Robert and Martin Luther King, Jr., and that the Central Intelligence Agency has been involved in the coverup of the assassination of JFK all along, even taking part in it. A recent documentary even theorizes that George H. W. Bush was involved in the assassination.

But why? Why was JFK assassinated? Was it due to these two famous speeches, which you can read about here and here, and his willingness to go after the corruption he saw?

Below you can view a copy of what we have today from the Nix film, followed by the Zapruder film.

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