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Financial Strategist: “To Tie the Collapse to Some Date In September Is a Fool’s Errand”

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There are scores of reports and analyses that peg a coming collapse of the economic, financial, and monetary systems to the latter half of 2015. And while it is obvious that global stability is on borrowed time, analyst Craig Hemke of TF Metals Report isn’t completely convinced that we can effectively forecast such paradigm shifts the way we used to before the introduction of central bank intervention and rows upon rows of high frequency trading machines operated by Wall Street’s biggest banks.

In a recent interview posted by Future Money Trends Hemke argues that humans operating in free markets no longer carry the same influence as they did during previous events attributed to The Shemitah, Elliot Wave theory or Kondratieff waves:


If you plot the U.S. Dollar versus Japanese Yen with a chart of S&P futures you can see them moving in exact one-to-one correlation… this gets back to those High Frequency Trading Machines and the ability of the central banks to influence the stock market by influencing a key factor that these HFT machines follow.

So if our markets now are not a human market… of human emotions and human economic cycles… if they’re not that anymore… then all of this stuff… the Shemitah, Kondratieff Waves, or all of the cycles and all of the Elliot Waves… you can throw it all out the window.

Because, that all relies to a great extent on human beings making decisions. What we’re seeing now is that all of these global markets are… they’re not flat out controlled because that means you’ve got central banks actually managing it tick-by-tick… But they are so utterly influenced by the central banks that are trying to purport this vision of normalcy to keep things going and they’re driven by these HFT machines, there’s no humans left.

That’s why the floor of the New York Stock Exchange is a ghost town.

Putting that all back together… if there are no humans left… then all of this study that had some relevance in the past… all these different cycles and wave counts… none of that really has any relevance going forward, because to some extent they can keep these plates spinning.

I don’t think they can keep it going indefinitely, but to tie the ultimate collapse to some date in September I think is kind of a fool’s errand.

Make no mistake, however, because Hemke clearly understands that a day of reckoning is coming. While we may not be able to predict specific dates or outcomes because of outright manipulation, a collapse of the system as we have come to know it remains a mathematical certainty:

We’re dealing with something that we’ve never seen before… this ‘changing of the guard’ if you will.

What’s hard for people to understand… it’s really hard for people to even begin to contemplate that there could be a changing of the guard because there’s really no one left alive that remembers what it was like when the dollar wasn’t the reserve currency of the world.

To know what it’s like when the dollar wasn’t the reserve currency you’ve got to go back to the 1920’s or 30’s… so, there’s nobody left that remembers that, so it’s really hard to overcome a normalcy bias to think that this is just the way that it’s always going to be.

If there is some kind of fiat collapse… it is inevitable because the debt level is unsustainable… it’s moving so exponentially quickly at this point as it compounds and compounds…

All I know is physical precious metal is the protection against all this madness.

It doesn’t mean you take all your money and put it into stuff like that… you don’t want to cash out everything you have and buy gold because you don’t know how much longer The-Powers-That-Be can keep things going.

I would not have thought in 2009 that they could make it to 2015. But this day is eventually coming, which is why you have to continue to prepare for it, because it really is a mathematical certainty that this end is coming. So you just continue to try and make sure you are aware of your surroundings and what’s going on, and prepare by owning some precious metal.

It’s almost the middle of September and we have already seen how volatile global stock markets really are. As well, those who’ve been watching should understand this volatility is further intensified because it is now machines, not humans, that control what gets bought and sold.

Is it time to dump stocks? Or should you buy more in anticipation of even more cash infusions from central banks? As Hemke notes, it is a very difficult question to answer, but you can find some solace in owning hard assets, which will retain their value as they have for centuries before the advent of Skynet-like computer systems capable of automated trading.

We certainly can’t rule September out as a catalyst for the next leg down in this global crisis, but it could just as well happen in a few months or years as governments and central bankers work feverishly to maintain stability. Whatever the case, the takeaway is that we must remain vigilant, because the fact is the whole system from China to the United States is a ticking time bomb waiting for a detonation unlike any we have ever witnessed before.

*Article by Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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