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First Black Female Police Chief of NYPD Blasts Soros DA for Pro-Crime Policies

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Manhattan’s got a new Soros DA who believes in going after Trump, but not criminals taking part in the borough’s massive crime wave.

The city’s first new black female police chief has thoughts on Alvin Bragg’s policy of not locking up criminals because it ruins their self-esteem.

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell sent an e-mail to cops on Friday saying she’s “concerned” for their safety in light of the progressive policies announced this week by the new Manhattan district attorney that some see as soft on crime.

“I have studied these policies and I am very concerned about the implications to your safety as police officers, the safety of the public and justice for the victims,” Sewell wrote in the email obtained by The Post.

In other words, things are about to get even worse.

“The new charging policies of the Manhattan District Attorney effectively decriminalizes much of the conduct that New Yorkers are asking the police to address,” the top cop wrote.

Sewell also raised concern over Bragg’s stated aim to significantly reduce pretrial detention, reserving it only for “very serious cases.”

“In addition to gun possession, I am concerned that pretrial incarceration will no longer be sought for charges such as terrorism, criminal sale of a firearm, gun-point robberies … and other serious violent felonies that put the safety of the public and the police officers who have sworn to protect and serve at great risk,” she wrote.

New York’s virtual elimination of bail and decision to just catch and release criminals has already led to horrifying crimes.

While Mayor Eric Adams ran on an anti-crime platform, he keeps expressing support for Bragg and named him to his criminal justice reform transition team. Now maybe that’s a case of playing good cop/bad cop, letting Sewell punch while he hugs Bragg closer. But the bottom line is that anyone expecting dramatic change under Adams even as hard lefties have tightened their grip on the rest of city politics outside the mayor’s office is unrealistic.

Alvin Bragg takes orders from Soros. And that means things are only going to get worse.

I recall the Village Voice taking shots at me when I wrote De Blasio Time some 9 years ago. There haven’t been any large scale terrorist attacks, but beyond that it’s holding up pretty well.

The muggers are coming back. The squeegee men are coming back. The crazy people randomly stabbing you on the subway, the gangs shooting each other over turf, the race rioters marching through neighborhoods and shouting, “Whose streets, our streets”– they’re all coming back.

Because the polls have spoken. And it’s De Blasio time now.

No more fascist cops hassling “innocent” people. Bill de Blasio won’t put up with any of that. De Blasio will put the cops in their place, inside a Dunkin Donuts and away from people. They’ll still get paid. They’re in a union. They just won’t lift a finger to help you because they’ll have more special monitors and civilian complaint review boards on their necks than they can handle.

And next time one of the innocent victims of Stop and Frisk is pounding your face into the sidewalk with one hand while digging through your pockets with the other, wave to the pair of beat cops sitting in the window of the coffee shop. And they’ll wave back without getting up. Because you voted for this.

Enough people voted for Bragg to make him DA. The only innocent victims are those who didn’t vote for him. Or for any of the “criminal justice reformers”.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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