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Florida Senate Candidate Shows Why Libertarianism Absent Christian Roots Fails

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As we have watched our government expand like chickens on steroids under both parties, many have sought an alternative to the two-party system.  Longing to have a true representative, many liberty-loving Americans have found refuge in the Libertarian Party.  It is no surprise, being that most Libertarians have an almost religious devotion to individual freedom and fear of Big Brother.  But, there is a fly in the ointment: there are no boundaries.

I know that this seems to be the point of Libertarianism—that no one can tell you what to do, think, or believe—and I am all for such a concept.  In fact, it is my belief that in only such a free thinking society will Christianity thrive.  But, what this also breeds is validation of whack jobs.  Case in point.

Christian News reports:

A U.S. Senate candidate in Florida is raising eyebrows after he admitted to sacrificing a goat and drinking its blood two years ago as part of a pagan ritual.

Augustus Sol Invictus, 32, is a candidate for Marco Rubio‘s seat under the Libertarian Party and also works as an attorney.

Now, this would seem to be a joke.  What party in their right mind would allow such an offensive and weird person to represent their party in a public election?  But, if you are a Libertarian, then why not?  He claims to hold to Libertarian values.  He does not speak of stopping others from worshipping and believing as they choose.  But it gets worse.

The Tampa Bay Times reports:

In case you haven’t run across his story previously, Invictus (his full name is Latin for “majestic unconquered sun” and is not his birth name) is a 32-year-old lawyer with an outrageous sense of self-importance.

He claims to have once walked from Orlando to the Mojave Desert, sacrificed a goat as a gift to the gods of wilderness and renounced his citizenship (though not officially). He wrote a paper in law school basically extolling the virtues of a master race (he now says his thinking has changed), was expelled from a satanic church because of his politics and has prophesied he is destined to be a leader in a soon-to-come civil war in America.

This Hitler want-to-be has brought out a flaw in the party’s philosophy.  They believe that we can all live peacefully in the same society.  No matter what one believes, no matter what one does, we all can get along by simply minding our own business.  Yet, Invictus points out the problem with this philosophy: the government cannot operate and at the same time leave people alone.  And without some sort of regulations, there is no way for you to winnow out the nuts.

Christian Libertarianism is much different.  This thinking is based on the liberty that our forefathers wrote of in the Preamble and the Declaration of Independence.  We are given liberty by God, based in His created order, and there have to be boundaries because of our sinful hearts.

Augustus Sol Invictus shows the flaw in accepting everyone.  Some people are necessarily disqualified to lead by their practices, habits, and beliefs.  Those who espouse revolution for revolution’s sake are fighting against God, and, therefore, are the enemy of the Church.  We must see, even as we proclaim this idiot’s right to believe what he wishes, that people like this cannot be our leaders.  And praise God, the people of Florida are not so far gone as to be unable to recognize that fact.

*Article by Michael Ware

The Washington Standard

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