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Fmr US Ambassador to UN: Russia Hacks Could be ‘False Flag Operation’ By Obama Admin

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Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

All accusations against Russia aside, hacks of the dominant political parties this election season might have been a false flag operation by the Obama administration, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton now says.

“It is not at all clear to me, just viewing this from the outside, that this hacking into the DNC and the RNC computers was not a false flag operation,” Bolton, who could yet be named deputy secretary of state, told Fox News’ Eric Shawn on Sunday.

Bolton reasonably concluded vague reports from unnamed CIA officials that Russia had been responsible for hacking those systems wouldn’t be fathomable as the old Cold War foe is far too cagey to leave traceable evidence of its activities, saying a “really sophisticated foreign intelligence service would not leave any cyber fingerprints, and yet people say they did leave fingerprints in the hacks regarding our election.

“So the question has to be asked: Why did the Russians run their smart intelligence service against Hillary’s server, but their dumb intelligence service against the election?”

Shawn then probed further about the idea of an administration-initiated ‘false flag,’ asking, “Are you actually accusing someone here in the administration or in the intelligence community of trying to throw something?”

“We just don’t know,” Bolton replied a bit hazily. “But I believe that intelligence has been politicized in the Obama administration to a very significant degree.”

Beyond the Putin government, whom Bolton doubted would be so careless or oblivious to leave behind such flagrant proof of involvement, the former ambassador agreed an investigation is warranted:

“We would want to know who else might want to influence the election and why they would leave fingerprints that point to the Russians. That’s why I say until we know more about how the intelligence community came to this conclusion we don’t know whether it is Russian inspired or a false flag.”

And on that point, he added, “The notion of some kind of independent investigation becomes extremely important.”

Politicians have aligned behind Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration in decrying interference by Russia on several fronts this election cycle, from hacks of the Democratic National Committee to a coordinated propaganda and disinformation campaign geared toward slandering Clinton and installing Donald Trump in the White House.

Although a number of putative experts have proffered Russia on a platter, none have provided actual evidence of the country’s meddling — nor have authorities addressed growing concerns similar to Bolton’s.

“If you think the Russians did this, then why did they leave fingerprints?” he repeated.

Senator John McCain told CBS NewsFace the Nation Russia’s interference is unquestionable, despite President-Elect Trump’s dismissal of the theory as ‘ridiculous,’and has championed the need for a select committee for further investigation into the matter.

“I don’t know what to make of it because it’s clear the Russians interfered,” McCain asserted concerning Trump’s statement Sunday. “Whether they intended to interfere to the degree that they were trying to elect a certain candidate, I think that’s a subject of investigation. But facts are stubborn things. They did hack into this campaign.”

Trump and others have countered that the growing anti-Russia rhetoric amounts to little more than a diversion from the unfavorable information the hacks Wikileaks published revealed about the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton.

In fact, a rapidly growing number of academics, analysts, independent media outlets, and others are sounding alarm bells this latest Red Scare constitutes a new era of McCarthyism and massive censorship of the press and speech will soon follow.

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Putin has answered U.S. accusations repeatedly decrying the idea Moscow sought to interfere in democratic elections as “nonsense.”

“Does anyone seriously think that Russia can somehow influence the choice of the American people?” Putin asked somewhat rhetorically in October. “Is America some sort of a banana republic?”

McCain said he looked to Trump to be sure to enjoin trusted officials for a thorough investigation:

“I hope that he would call people that he respects and who the American people respect and get the facts.”

In the interim, those facts remain clouded by McCarthyite fearmongering and an utter lack of evidence any doubts about Russia are rooted in anything other than American propaganda.


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