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For Robert Mueller, This Investigation is Personal & A Few Questions For Rod “I Will Not Be Extorted” Rosenstein

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Robert Mueller, unable to find evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians, has widened the scope of his investigation. Every aspect of Trump’s life has now become subject to examination.

A quick read of Mueller’s questions for Trump, leaked by a member of his team to the New York Times on Monday, shows how broad this investigation has become. In addition, Mueller allegedly told a member of Trump’s legal team that he might subpoena Trump to appear before a grand jury.

Sean Hannity says these questions indicate “Mueller is laying a huge perjury trap for Trump.” The legal analysis in the video below is fascinating.

Law Professor Alan Dershowitz explains that these open-ended questions are designed to cause Trump to say something unintended so that he might incriminate himself. These are not cross-examination questions that require a simple yes or no, and “would not give them (Mueller’s team) the advantage they are seeking.”

Former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova cuts right to the heart of the matter:

These questions are an intrusion into the Article Two powers under the U.S. Constitution, to fire any executive branch employee. To ask questions as Mr. Mueller apparently proposes to do about what the president was thinking when he fired Comey or Flynn or anybody else is an outrageous, sophomoric, juvenile intrusion into the unfettered powers to fire anyone in the executive branch. It is a symptom of how ridiculous this appointment by Rod Rosenstein was when he made the appointment with no evidence of a crime.

Hannity then points out that many of Mueller’s questions began with

“What was the president thinking when” – when Jeff Sessions recused himself, what does the president think about the special counsel, etc. Hannity asks “When did thinking or thoughts become a crime? When did the United States start regulating what may or may not be in a person’s mind?”

Hannity also points out what we already know, that America has a “two-tiered legal system.” We are not all equal under the law…The Deep State hates Donald Trump and wants to delegitimize his presidency.

Members Of The House Freedom Caucus Have Drawn Up Articles Of Impeachment For Rod Rosenstein As A “Last Resort”

House committee chairmen have had to fight every step of the way to obtain subpoenaed documents from the DOJ and the FBI. Rod Rosenstein has been threatened with being held in contempt of Congress and with impeachment twice.

There are still thousands of requested documents that have not been turned over to Congress. It is said that several congressmen reached an agreement with Rosenstein to provide them last week.

In the video above, Rosenstein explains that “the DOJ will not be extorted. We’re going to do what’s required by the rule of law.”

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) forcefully rebuts Rosenstein’s comments and points out his hypocrisy. Please watch. 

A Few Questions For Rod “I Will Not Be Extorted” Rosenstein

  1. Why did Rod Rosenstein write a lengthy memo detailing the reasons why Trump should fire James Comey? There is a real disconnect here. Please explain.
  1. Why exactly did Rod Rosenstein see the need for a special counsel in the first place? Memos written by a bitter, highly partisan former FBI Director who leaked them to the New York Times for personal vindication do not constitute evidence. Rosenstein has never explained this.
  1. Why did Rosenstein choose Mueller when he was not an outsider, he was not impartial, and he had a close, long-time relationship with him? The choice of Robert Mueller was improper to begin with. According to the statute, “the Special Counsel shall be selected from outside the United States Government.” Robert Mueller has spent his entire career in government law enforcement, including 12 years as the FBI Director. He has been a mentor and a long-time friend to Rosenstein. Clearly, Mueller was an “insider” and Rosenstein chose him for personal reasons. “An individual named as Special Counsel shall be a lawyer with a reputation for integrity and impartial” Rosenstein knew that Mueller was anything but impartial.
  1. The special counsel is supposed to select a team of impartial investigators. With the exception of Mueller himself, who inexplicably is still registered as a Republican, each member of his team is a highly partisan Democrat and most have histories of donations to Democratic candidates.
  1. Rosenstein initially gave Mueller carte blanche in this investigation. He narrowed the scope only when he was called out on it. Mueller and his team have spent a year and still have not found evidence of Russian collusion. Why doesn’t Rosenstein shut it down now?
  1. Why didn’t you recuse yourself from this case because of your wife’s ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama, Mueller and the FBI? His wife, Lisa Barsoomian, is a Washington Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) attorney. She is a protégée of R. Craig Lawrence, whose law firm defends clients, all Democrats, against FOIA requests. They have represented Hillary Clinton 17 times, Bill Clinton 40 times, Barack Obama 45 times, Robert Mueller three times and on five occasions, the FBI.

By shining the flashlight on Trump, Rosenstein, Mueller, Brennan, Clapper and many others are hoping to keep the focus away from themselves and their roles in scuttling the Hillary Clinton email investigation, using an unverified dossier, commissioned by the Clinton campaign and the DNC, as the basis for an investigation into the Trump campaign and all of the actions necessary to cover up their wrongdoing.

New Developments in the Mueller Investigation

The House Intelligence Report revealed that a group of 7-10 wealthy Democrats, mostly from New York and California, raised $50M after the election to “secure the services” of dossier author and former British spy Christopher Steele. “The group wanted “to continue exposing Russian interference” after the election. It also hired an associate of Steele’s and the opposition research firm Fusion GPS.”

The report states that Daniel J. Jones, the president of Penn Quarter Group, “a Research and Investigative Advisory,” organized this alliance. Jones was once a staffer for Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and has also worked for the FBI.

The report said Jones told the FBI he planned to share any information he learned after the election with policymakers on Capitol Hill, the press and the FBI. He told the FBI his group was “exposing foreign influence in Western elections.”

Senator Diane Feinstein’s involvement in this story is unclear. She sits on the Senate Judiciary committee. In August 2017, the committee questioned Glenn Simpson, co-founder of Fusion GPS, the firm who initially hired former British spy Christopher Steele to dig up dirt on Donald Trump for Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

During the interview, Simpson’s lawyer told the committee “he wants to be very careful to protect his sources. Somebody’s already been killed as a result of the publication of this dossier and no harm should come to anybody related to this honest work.”

Honest work?

Inexplicably, when questions surrounding that interview came up in January 2018, Senator Feinstein released the transcript. Charles Grassley (D-OH) was “confounded” that she would do this in the middle of an investigation. Her role, if any, is unknown.

Final Thoughts 

Because Robert Mueller has not found any evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians, he must find something else to charge him with. For Mueller, this has become personal. He is motivated by his pure hatred of Trump. He appears to have lost perspective. He will try anything and everything to bring him down.

He also needs to “protect” all of his peers who have acted both unethically and illegally as they tried to protect Hillary Clinton and to delegitimize Trump’s presidency. If the truth of their misconduct is revealed, many Obama-era officials will find themselves in legal trouble.

For these reasons, he is a man on a mission. Congressman Louis Gohmert released a report about Mueller last week. He characterizes this investigation as Mueller’s “attempt to legalize a coup against a lawfully elected President.”

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

The Washington Standard

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