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For Your Own Sakes, Don’t Let This Go: They Are Creating Domestic Terrorists

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“The people were enticed, entrapped, attacked and then accused-It is just what was needed.”

Have you ever noticed, and I’m sure that you have, that when it comes to what corrupt government needs, somehow or another, it gets what it wants, or should I say what it is that they ordered up (Psalm 94:20)?

I am referring to the crisis needed to push forth their agendas. The crisis that I am referring to is what has been repeated time and time again by corrupt politicians, and I quote: “Never let a go crisis go to waste” (Ephesians 4:14).

Why the need for crisis? Crisis furthers the advancement of the agenda of the corrupt, as well it gives them more control over the people that it is used against.

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines the word crisis: “The decisive state of things, or the point of time when an affair is arrive to its highth, and must soon terminate or suffer a material change.”

There is no better people to help create the needed crisis in giving them more control in the minds of the American people than creating a domestic terrorist.

Before we get this information out, do remember that Josef Mengele, Adolph Hitler’s murderous henchman that was called the “Angel of death” said, “The more that we do to you the less that you believe that it is us doing it to you.”

Friends, history teaches us that Hitler was known for sending in his brown shirts to create the crisis while publicly playing the problem solver.

Again, this gave him the control that he was looking for to further his agenda in wielding more control of his subjects.

Adolph Hitler needed enemies, so he created them.

Remember, he did just that with the help of his propaganda minister Josef Goebbels.

In America today, we are seeing much of the same pattern.

Let’s take the January 6th capital insurrection event, for example.

It was reported that Joe Biden won 80 million votes, which put him in the people’s White House (John 8:44).

Regardless of the facts, the mainstream media continued to browbeat the people into believing that there was major support for Biden, though literally no one was showing up to his rallies, and his Twitter account was completely found to be fake.

With all of this information available to the public, the corrupt media still pushed forward.

What do the powers that are tolerated by the American people do?  They take the military, our grandpas, our dads, our uncles, brothers, our friends and our neighbors to fortify Joe Biden against the 80 million people that allegedly voted for him.

Was that enough?  Not at all, not even close.  They then engineered January 6, the “day of insurrection”.

The patriots took to a day of protest against this treasonous fraud, in which they have every right given by God in doing so, who resides in the White House by lawfully going to Washington D.C. (Luke 22:48).

Once they were there, they were then enticed by Donald Trump (watch the video below) to be led by F.B.I. insiders into the capital to then being entrapped and attacked by the D.C. police.

The innocent were then accused of what it is that the criminals were guilty of doing (Revelation 12:10)!

Some will ask, “Bradlee why did you say that Donald Trump enticed them?”  Well, he did. He drew them into D.C. to let the country know “that these people were not going to take this any longer.”

How many times has Trump stated, “They’re not after me, They’re after you”?

Look at Trump’s fruit (2 Corinthians 11:14-15).

Outlets across the country reported: “Trumps failed coup.”  OK then, if Trump was a part of the failed coup, then why is he not sitting behind bars right now? Think Americans.

After all that was said and done, who was it that was blamed? Law abiding citizens.  That’s who! THINK!

It didn’t stop there.

8 witnesses have died before being heard in court.  Of course, and right on que, the mainstream media equates “theorist” to anyone that questions their lying narratives (Jeremiah 11:9).


Furthermore, more than 874 people have been charged for what video evidence shows is the contrary when it comes to whom are the guilty party.

There is this continual questioning of whom it is that is responsible for these created “crises” except when the mainstream media is involved in helping the cover-ups.  They always have their objective known, that is until the eye and ear witnesses, and or victims, start to talk.

Of course, when it comes to the witnesses, they are then censored, demonized and or silenced.

Yet, if Americans would pull the curtain back and contemplate that of Ruby Ridge, the Branch Davidians, Columbine, September 11, 2001, Mandelay Bay, they would see the finger prints of paid provocateurs, as well as federal agencies all over every one of these incidents.

In conclusion: After all is said and done, who is painted in the minds of the American people as the domestic terrorists?   The corrupt politicians who are responsible for orchestrating the crimes with the help of the mainstream media that drives the narrative in helping cover-up for the guilty, or the innocent people that were set up in meeting their political objectives?

With all of the information that has been divulged to the public concerning Jan 6, not one politicians or agency has been called into question for the events that took place that day, not a one!

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media.  Article by Bradlee Dean.

The Washington Standard

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