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Forget Charlottesville: Leftist Violence Breaks Out in Portland and Durham

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While the violence and hate of the alt-right will continue to dominate the news cycle, and they deserve the negative coverage, the media is remiss to ignore the ongoing epidemic of violence from the left.

In fact, while Antifa, BlackLivesMatter, and other leftist groups were in Charlottesville spoiling for a fight, they were also in other parts of the country promoting hatred and inciting violence.

Earlier this past week Antifa was seen in Portland, Oregon (their home turf) spreading hate, destroying private property, and looking for blood to spill.

Antifa thugs were spoiling for a fight so when they found a peaceful group of pro-Trump “prayer” demonstrators, they quickly found a way to make things less peaceful.

Members of “Antifa” initially showed up the peaceful rally, but quickly made their way to the Patriot Prayer “Freedom March” several blocks away. The two groups quickly clashed. Several violent fights were witnessed by KATU News crews throughout the area, but as opposed to previous protests, there was little to no police presence breaking up the groups.

Clashes between Antifa and Patriot Prayer moved toward the peaceful rally further north on the waterfront. Organizers quickly moved across the street to avoid any conflict.

Portland Police now say they’ve made three arrests related to the protest; a 16-year-old boy was arrested for disorderly conduct and a felony probation warrant for burglary, reckless burning, and criminal mischief; 24-year-old Jonny Perez was arrested for disorderly conduct, interfering with a police officer and escape; and 21-year-old Tusitala Toese was cited and released for charges of disorderly conduct. Toese was cited and not arrested because of an injury he suffered during the protest that required medical attention.

After the violence in Portland, Antifa moved to Charlottesville where the alt-right stole the show thanks to one evil, crazed racist who drove his car into a crowd, killing one and hurting many others.

While the alt-right and the white racists may have stolen the negative press, Antifa should not go unnoticed because they were wreaking havoc and spilling blood there too.

Then, Antifa moved on from Charlottesville to Durham, North Carolina.

An Antifa march in Durham turned to rioting Monday night as the crowd pulled down and destroyed a civil war monument (video below.)

The Antifa group, carrying signs that say “Cops & Clan Go Hand In Hand” moved on the Confederate soldier statue outside of the courthouse and pulled it down.

The metal statue, which has stood since 1924, folded over when it hit the ground. People in the group then took turns punching and kicking the metal statue which didn’t end well for them because metal is harder than body parts.

As kind of a final thought, I’ve heard the President getting some of the blame for the Charlottesville racism and for the attack itself. This is patently ridiculous.

The President has never advocated violence against any group, particularly racial minorities, and he immediately decried the “hatred, bigotry, and violence” from every group associated with the unrest in Charlottesville.

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro explains why Trump bears no weight for the horrible violence in Charlottesville:

Obama wasn’t responsible for Dallas; Sanders wasn’t responsible for the Congressional softball shotting; Trump isn’t responsible for Charlottesville. But they are all responsible for their rhetoric, and their unwillingness to condemn polarizing movements in clear and convincing language. President Obama spent years making excuses for the Black Lives Matter movement, even explaining away riots in cities like Ferguson and Baltimore as the after effects of institutional racism. The effect: the increasing racial polarization of the country. Bernie Sanders has used heated rhetoric to castigate all those who disagree with his economic policies as looters. The effect: the increasing economic polarization of the country. President Trump spent his campaign willfully ignoring the alt-right, which grew like a mushroom cluster in his shadow. The effect: the increasing reactionary racial polarization of the country.

Blame lies with individuals, not rhetoric, unless the rhetoric deliberately calls for violence. But failure to vigorously condemn nasty movements — that responsibility lies with those who participate in that particular sin. The growth of those movements thanks to failures of leadership — that responsibility lies with abdicating leaders. And that group certainly includes Obama, Sanders, and Trump.

Charlottesville isn’t Trump’s fault, and Dallas wasn’t Obama’s fault, and Alexandria wasn’t Bernie’s fault… the blame for those events lies only with the people who did the evil deeds. However, our leaders do bear some of the blame for the climate of fear and hatred in our nation today. President Trump didn’t do enough to separate himself from the alt-right and the white nationalists, partially because those groups buy into some of the populist ideas that President Trump espouses. But it doesn’t matter, their support is not worth the pain of their evil ideas. President Obama never did enough to defend our law enforcement officers from the radical left and they suffered a historic string of attacks during the Obama era. Bernie hasn’t done enough to counter the growing anger on the left. He has allowed his followers to pretend that life in modern America is as stifling as life in a despotic 3rd world nation. These angry leftists act as though today’s America is a place where only the corrupt and the privileged can get ahead, and that is simply not true.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

The Washington Standard

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