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Former Vodafone Boss Turned Pastor: 5G Dangers That Cause Flu Symptoms Is “Largest Global Coverup In History”

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A video that has been circulating, in which a man who used to work for Vodafone and another cellular service years ago, but has become a pastor and is now in Africa, is stating that the flu-like symptoms that people are experiencing around the globe, which they are told is a virus but is actually cell poisoning that is a direct result of a global rollout of 5g technology, and manifesting itself as a virus.

The pastor, who says he was the head of the largest business unit at Vodaphone, expressed what 5G does and though it is being classified just below a military grade weapon, there is no doubt it has been used as such a weapon before.

The things that he says 5g puts the body through are the very things UK nurse Kate Shemirani described in my interview with her below.

Take the time and listen to the 30 minute talk and it will all begin to make sense.  Give the buffering a few seconds before it plays.

The “invisible enemy” that President Trump is speaking about isn’t so invisible. It’s going up in your cities and neighborhoods while you are on “lockdown.”

It’s happening everywhere, as I’m getting confirmation across the ocean in the UK that it’s happening on the streets and in schools.

With that said, it has also come out that President Trump’s 2017 tweet regarding Covfefe may just be tied to 5G.

While he was ridiculed, causing media pundits to wonder if he was mentally stable, C-Vine is claiming that they just may have the answer.

Since arriving on scene, and we being the ‘micowave-I-want-it-now’ generation, 5G is being welcomed with open arms to give us faster internet capabilities.  This technology boasts considerable increased data speed leaving 3G and 4G in the past. 5G’s high frequency radio waves (mmWave) would present itself to all of our smart devices with faster down-loads, etc. On the horizon with 5G, are self-driving cars, drone footage, robotic surgeries, etc.

Many studies have taken place on how electromagnetic radiation may affect the environment. It concluded this radiation could indeed pose a potential risk to bird and insect orientation and plant health. Then, strange videos appeared about dozens of birds dying in the UK, and also in the Netherlands. Main Stream Media (MSM) quickly debunked these concerns as ‘conspiracy,’ saying 5G was not being tested there at the time. The reporters stated the birds most likely died from pesticides.  We may never know. Test results in regards to human complications with 5G has yet to be determined.

So what is CoVFeFe, and what is the connection? Cobalt (Co-49%) – Iron (Fe-49%)–Vanadium (V-2%) together makes a soft magnetic alloy with the highest flux density of any strip core alloy, making it ideal for use in tape cores and magnetic cores in many innovative technologies. The magnets clean up the impurities from 5G working on an ionic level. This keeps oxygen from being depleted, making harmless, the high radio frequency radio waves (mmWave).  Other linear formula names for this compound are: FeCoV, CoVFe, CoVFeFe, VCoFe, FeVCo, etc.

If 5G could be harmful to our environment and all who live in it, perhaps CoVFeFe is the technology being implemented to protect us from these dangerous mmWave levels. 

We’ll see.  It certainly makes sense, but what doesn’t make sense is the takeover of American businesses by the federal government, the massive unconstitutional spending in the stimulus, the greater debt and the large setups for makeshift hospitals for patients of coronavirus with no one really coming in from that.


They are ready to roll it out in full and we are about to see the real effects of this technology.

Remember, the pastor said this is a global rollout and we have never seen anything like what is going on in the world among the people like this.

With that in mind, President Trump has met in a closed door meeting with broadband and cell service providers, but no one quite knows what was spoken about.

Yet, we know that he signed two bills on Monday that claim to be designed to boost 5G security and broadband availability.

S 893, the “Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020,” requires the president to develop a strategy within 180 days of the law’s enactment to ensure the security of “next generation mobile telecommunications systems and infrastructure” in the US. The president must also develop a strategy to assist allies and partners in “maximizing the security of next generation mobile telecommunications systems and infrastructure.” This strategy must be submitted to the appropriate committees of Congress.

S 1822, the “Broadband Deployment Accuracy and Technological Availability Act or the Broadband DATA Act,” requires the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to issue rules about the collection of data, with respect to the availability of broadband services. The FCC is required to create a common dataset of all locations in the US where fixed broadband internet access service can be installed, focusing particularly on rural and insular areas. The commission will be required to submit a report to Congress within 12 to 18 months after the implementation of the act.

Remember, 5G technology is both dangerous to the body and it is useful for those that want to track your every movement.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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