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France: Health Caregivers Burn Their Diplomas In Protest Against Compulsory “Vaccinations” – They Are Not Alone! (Video)

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The people of France have not only had it concerning vaccine passports, but now that healthcare givers are being mandated to take the depop shot, they are rebelling and it’s a beautiful thing to see! Recently, healthcare givers in France burned their diplomas in protest against the compulsory “vaccinations.”

French hospital staff burned their diplomas as it came into force recently that anyone working in the medical profession who hasn’t been injected with the experimental COVID shot will be suspended without pay.

These were not the only ones.

Caregivers at Besançon hospital also did the same thing and topped it off by tossing their gowns in front of the hospital.

This is happening all over the earth.

Nurses walked our in Moncton, New Brunswick Canada over the mandates.

In London, nurses were out protesting the mandates.

Health care workers stood outside the hospital in Kansas City, Kansas to protest the University of Kansas Health System’s mandatory COVID shots.

California also had nurse protests over the mandated experimental shots.

Montreal nurses also walked out and protested in the face of a tyrannical mayor who said it was unacceptable.

We’ve also seen 200 staff members at a Houston-area hospital who were suspended following their protest against the illegal mandates.

Of course, the liars in the Mockingbird, corporate-owned media and the politicians pimping the drugs of Big Pharma will blame these people for people dying and being sick when those tyrants and sell-outs are actually the ones responsible with their criminal mandates in violation of the Nuremberg Code.

To all those who have taken this stand, I say well done, it’s about time. This stand should have been taken the moment these deadly gene therapy shots were first announced. I guess some people don’t respond until it’s actually at their front door.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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