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France’s Ruler Warns: People Will See The “End Of Abundance”

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French ruler Emmanuel Macron told those he rules over that they will experience the “end of abundance,” and will have to make “sacrifices” during an upcoming time of great upheaval. But will Macron also see the “end of abundance?” Not likely.

France is facing multiple challenges lately, ranging from the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine to the unprecedented drought that has battered the whole European continent this summer. Yet, Macron believes that the crisis is actually of a much bigger scale and that structural changes are imminent.

“Some could see our destiny as being to constantly manage crises or emergencies. I believe that we are living through a tipping point or great upheaval. Firstly, because we are living through… what could seem like the end of abundance,” he said.

The country and its citizens must be ready to make “sacrifices” to meet and overcome the challenges they are facing, he continued. “Our system based on freedom in which we have become used to living, when we need to defend it sometimes that can entail making sacrifices,” Macron added.

“This overview that I’m giving − the end of abundance, the end of insouciance, the end of assumptions − it’s ultimately a tipping point that we are going through that can lead our citizens to feel a lot of anxiety.” -RT

This system is not and never was built on freedom. If it was, there would be no ruling class barking orders with a monopoly on violence dictating how others must live.

When you get to hear Macron sit on the throne in the ivory tower and tell those he rules over that they will see the “end of abundance,” that should be enough for the rest of the planet to wake up to the fact that they aren’t free. These sociopaths are calling the shots, and rest assured, Macron will never see “the end of abundance,” That fate is only for the slaves.

“Faced with this, we have duties, the first of which is to speak frankly and very clearly without doom-mongering,” Macron stressed. The president called upon his cabinet to show unity, be “serious” and “credible” and urged ministers to avoid “demagogy.”

“It’s easy to promise anything and everything, sometimes to say anything and everything. Do not give in to these temptations, it is demagoguery,” the president said, adding that such an approach “flourishes” today “in all democracies in a complex and frightening world.”

It looks like Macron is the only one allowed to “doom monger” to use his own words.

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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