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Funny How That Works – Woman Confronts Hypocrisy Of School Board With Pictures (Video)

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‘Do as I say, but do not do what I do.”

How many times have Americans witnessed the hypocritical attitudes and actions of the school boards, who are politicians, over the last year (Matthew 23:3)? It’s more than can be numbered, I imagine.

P J Media reported: “School Board Fireworks as Fearless Mom Shows Maskless Photos of Chairwoman and Almost Gets Arrested.”

The Montgomery County, Va. school board meeting got heated on Feb. 15 when a parent confronted the chairwoman Susan Kass with maskless photos of herself in crowds while imposing mask mandates on the community’s children. The parent, Alecia Vaught, addressed the board and began by asking why Gov. Northam’s orders were followed regarding masks but Gov. Youngkin’s new bill to repeal mask mandates and make masks optional has been ignored.

“We sat here last year and listened to you guys preach to us about Governor Northam’s executive orders and how we must follow them. Remember that?” asked Vaught. “Here’s a governor that comes into office, [Youngkin] but yet you don’t want to follow his orders,” she pressed. “Why is that? Why is it different from last year when we were here to this year?” But everyone knows why, and Vaught laid it out perfectly. “Two different governors, different political parties. So we’re supposed to follow it last year, but not this year? That makes no sense, and it makes all of you a bunch of hypocrites.”

Then Vaught took out her phone and began showing photographs of board Chairwoman Kass maskless in crowded gatherings, photos the board member posted to Facebook. “Here’s a picture of you right here on Facebook with a crowd of people with no mask on,” she said.

Conclusion: I suspect, at this point, that there are not too many people that are going to help conceal these hypocrites for who they are and what it is that they do. They are now being put in their rightful places (Luke 12:2).

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media. Article by Bradlee Dean.

The Washington Standard

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